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    Sunday, December 16, 2007

    RR Crappest Blog / Personal Website Of 2007: Mr Biffo’s Blog

    What won before: The RAM Raider

    Being fully paid-up members of the Paul Rose fan club, we were surprised by this. Not only surprised that a blog which we’ve always found to contain interesting nuggets from the world of a proper writer would win the Crappest Blog award, but that it would do so by such an enormous majority. We’re not sure if Biffo’s done something since Digitiser that’s upset a lot of people, but here are a few of the accompanying comments from the Anonymous Knights who voted for him:

    “It used to be fairly entertaining stuff, but now all he seems to do is try to shill his mediocre new book on it. Even worse, instead of marketing it as a load nonsense chat transcripts, which is what it is, he seems to have convinced himself that he's somehow striking a blow for feminism and sexual equality, by dressing up and dicking about online. Woeful.”
    Anonymous Knight, via comments

    “I used to love Digitiser, but all he does nowadays is go on about his rubbish book, which is rubbish.”
    Anonymous Knight, via email

    We’re going out on a limb here, but we’re getting the impression that his book might have something to do with it. Well, these are the people’s awards, and the people have spoken.

    Coming in at second place is another favourite of ours, The Triforce. But what’s the reason for subjecting the mighty Simon Byron, the beautiful Dave McCarthy, and the half-asleep Ste Curran to anonymous ire? Is it because of Curran’s radio show? Is it the threesome’s share plan? Is it because they’re…

    “Thinking up new ways to deny middle age. Daily!”
    Anonymous Knight, via email

    …ah, right. Still, any blog which wheels out jokes like this can’t be all bad:

    “You know, I think you guys are giving Kate and Gerry McCann a hard time unfairly with all your suspicious innuendo. They’re just like any other parents: playing hide and seek and pretending not to know where their child is hidden.”

    And, as much as we like both of those blogs, at least we didn’t a single nomination for this category this year. That’ll be of great comfort to the fearsome foursome…


    1. sinister agent5:46 am

      Which joyless toads voted for the Triforce? The Tri are awesome, or at the very worst average-ish.

      Honestly. Biffo's 'pretending to be a girl' thing was ill-advised and wouldn't have been original in about 1999, but worst blog? Hmm.

    2. Anonymous10:55 am

      I actually loved Biffo's blog, even though I have all of the reused ones saved to my computer from when he had them on his website, with full colour pics, too. Still, I enjoyed the new stuff, short as it was.

    3. Anonymous2:04 pm

      "I actually loved Biffo's blog"

      should have been

      "I actually loved Biffo's book".

      My mistake. Hopefully it should make sense now.

    4. I read both of these sites. Often. I am very doubtful that these are the worst the interweb has to offer.