Wednesday, December 19, 2007

RR Games Forum Full O’ Cunts 2007: World Of Stuart

What won before: UK:Resistance

One of the more popular categories, Anonymous Knights were tripping over themselves to nominate the once-great Stuart Campbell’s forum. Our view of the place has remained unchanged since it won the RR Forum Of 2005 award – some of the discussions are interesting, the place has a good sense of humour, and some of the contributors are utter cunts. So, the decent members of the forum have presumably got the cunts to thank.

Taking second place is the unremittingly hateful RLLMUK cunt-a-thon, described rather kindly by one Anonymous Knight as being “built around an elitist hierarchy”, and another as “full of cunts”. Although we know some decent people who post there, the unforgivably high ratio of humourless Gestapo pricks who populate the place will always mark them apart from the rest of the dregs of the internet.

Dishonourable mentions on behalf of our voters also go to the forum of the unreliable EuroGamer, and the World Of Champions.

Back to the winners though, and the reasons why WoS is so hated. Take it away, voters:

“I didn't think it was possible for people to be such cunts until I saw the group of halfwits that post here. Reading it is like being flipped into another dimension. A cunty dimension where the terminally clueless have taken over the entire world.”
Anonymous Knight, via comments

“You know one of those situations where an isolated group of people are *so very sure* of their perspective and intellectual capacity that they couldn't consider the fact that maybe their mum was lying when she told them that the other kids were just jealous, and they were the smartest in school?
And it's all backed up by parallel glad-handing, where they each reassure each other of their prowess, unaware of what kind double-edged sword a WoS compliment really is?

This is the image given to you by 4 minutes on the board.

Also, Campbell himself is some kind of bizarre, snack-obsessed man-brat, who appears to have hit impressively prodigious intelligence at 13, and been happy with that plateau ever since.”
DK, via comments

“Never before have I seen such a bunch of self-righteous know-it-alls spouting off essay length posts about everything that is wrong with the world, when it is quite clear most of them have hardly set foot outside. But at least they constantly undermine their pseudo-intellectual commentary on world affairs by regularly bickering about which is the best supermarket to save 3.5 pence on a multi-pack of Pepsi cans. Obviously they all reflect Campbell himself - the saviour of humanity and moral justice with his insane right wing views which he thinks are liberal, and also a lonely virgin has only just discovered how to make a toasted cheese sandwich on a grill.

And special mention must go to Sticklebrick/CornerUnitSofa. Not only is he the biggest cunt on the internet, but he manages to post an average of 20.4 posts a day. Most of them a running commentary of what other posters have said.”
Mr Gimpson, via comments

“Never have I seen such a bunch of pretentious cunts gathered in one place. You really should check it out, if only for your own amusement. Cunts.”
Anonymous Knight, via email

“I thought that it would be impossible to get a bigger collection of oddballs, cretins, freaks and shut ins than resides on RLLMUK, but the WoS proved me wrong. I posted on there for a little while, until I got banned for disagreeing with stuart over something and pointing out flaws in his argument. It's quite sad in a way, where once stu used to write pretty entertaining articles, he's now reduced to writing meaningless statistical bullshit (his grasp of stats barely being above a year 6 level) on the euro championship qualifying groups and singing the praises of a kettle that can produce piping hot vimto in 3 seconds, viewers! It's quite sad to see a 40 year old man living such a pathetic life.”
Anonymous Knight, via comments

“A genuine, bona fide collection of followers who believe in Stuart Campbell’s 15 year old hype, topped off by the tragic cherry of a sad old man who’s desperately trying to make himself believe his own 15 year old hype.”
Anonymous Knight, via Facebook

“I used to love Stu's stuff in Amiga Power, but he has become an angry bitter and pathtic middle aged man. The rest of his forum are clueless shut-ins, grammarians and pedants. And cunts.”
Anonymous Knight, via comments

And, in the interests of balance and fairness, here’s a response from one of the WoS forum members:

“I think you'll find it's 'pathetic'.
The WoS Forumites (especially Craster)”


  1. Anonymous6:48 am

    That was fun.

  2. sinister agent7:30 am

    I'd like to thank the writers, the producers, and everyone at Joe's Deli on Fifth. And most of all, on behalf of everyone on set, I thank each and every one of you, our wonderful viewers. It's a privilege to accept such a prestigious award from whoever the hell you lot are. And I want to thank moooom and dad, and my cousin Beattie, and of course I want to thank God for blessing us all.

    Excuse me, I have something in my eye....

  3. It strikes me as funny, how you imagine in your head that you are fighting against the tyranny of the gaming press (rather than calling people fat, and whining because someone knows longer words than you), but then you employ all those same deceptions that make you so stompy-cross when it comes to these awards.

    Why don't you admit that you only got two or three entries (at most) per category, and so had to give whatever came in the award? And why don't you say that all the votes for WoS came from World of Champions in an organised forum invasion?

    It would seem to me that you're trying to create the illusion of popularity and reader interest. Something that if you ever actually did what you think you do, you'd surely report appearing elsewhere?

  4. Anonymous2:09 pm

    New to this, Botherer? He has appeared elsewhere. MCV, for one. Gillen reads the blog, Walker reads the blog, and so on and so on.

  5. Anonymous2:30 pm

    What botherer said. The Biffo blog and Campbell awards are basically half a dozen or so embittered oddballs on the World of Champions forum throwing a hissy fit because daddy never gave them enough attention.

    "Boo-hoo! I once got banned from a forum, about two years ago. I know: I'll expose them for the cunts they are for not recognising my comedic genius!! That'll heal the gaping wounds in my tattered psyche. And then I will continue to go on and on about this forever, never resting in my struggle against cuntishness, because being banned from a forum is just about the most significant thing that ever happened in my wretched little life. By doing this I will deflect attention from the fact that on the inside I'm crying. All the time."


  6. Whereas having your forum insulted appears to be the most significant thing that ever happened in your wretched little life.

  7. sinister agent3:32 pm

    This is the worst awards ceremony ever.

    I'm going to my trailer, and if there's not a dry martini in my hand in two minutes flat you're all fucking fired.

  8. Anonymous 2:09,

    I can't help but think you somewhat misread (and by "misread" I mean "didn't read") my comment. You see, you seem to have confused having people read a website with people voting in a website's pretend awards ceremony. And someone having his letter published in MCV with someone receiving lots of votes in his pretend awards ceremony.

    However, did you say John Walker reads this site?! Good heavens to betsy, that really does change a few things. He's possibly the most handsome and witty writer in the whole wide universe.

  9. I hear he's a cunt. Is it too late to have a vote for cunt of the year for Walker, Rammy?


  10. For you, Gillen, anything. Although, strictly speaking, it's called the "Games Writer Twat of 2007" this year.

  11. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Gimpson is a sexy looking fucker isn't he? My girlfriend saw his picture and left a wet patch on my fucking bed.

  12. Marcus Garvey5:27 pm

    World of Champions isn't a games forum; we're just a small group of friends with a common interest. Rape jokes, mostly.

  13. Anonymous5:46 pm

    I've actually reported WoC to my local police station via e-mail after having a look through its content.

  14. sinister agent7:49 pm

    That's very thoughtful of you man, but if it's that appalling, they're probably members already.

  15. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Look, if I'd had the chance I would love to have bullied every member of the world of stuart at school. But I didn't, so this is the closest I'll ever get. Alright?

  16. Anonymous7:57 pm

    But none of us were ever banned from Biffo's forum. What are you talking about?

    More to the point, why are some people having such a hissy fit,just because a few people said something a bit rude about their forum on a light hearted end-of-year "awards" thingy?

    Lighten up for fuck's sake! You're making yourself look like mentals.

  17. Keith Andrew9:36 pm

    It's nice to see this ending happily ever after.