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    Thursday, December 20, 2007

    RR Games Forum Of 2007: World Of Stuart

    What won before: World Of Stuart

    Proving to be a polariser of opinions, the WoS forum lifts its second trophy in this year’s RR Awards by a fairly respectable margin, hanging onto its title from 2005.

    Bringing up the rear in second place is the Triforum, home to the followers of Byron, Bushell and Curran. We’ve always liked the Triforce, even going so far as to buy a share in their fiendishly cunning plan to put £10 each from 100 of their readers into a bank account and leave them to argue about what to do with it for years, whilst Byron rolls around naked in the interest.

    As the other forums nominated only got one vote each and are almost all shite, we’ll go back to what we like about WoS. Basically, this:

    They’ve got a great sense of humour – like the Triforum, but not quite as relaxed. Where McCarthy and company will happily crack funnies about the McCanns, and WoS users will produce works of genius like that up above, certain undesirable elements of the RLLMUK forum are STILL banging on about us having a laugh at their expense over two months ago when they were whining about McRae like they personally knew the man. We even received death threats from them over that, the pathetic cunt-monkeys. Oh well...

    If WoS or the Triforum had been around a decade ago, we bet they wouldn’t have been masturbating over their copies of Candle In The Wind, and that’s why we’re proud to be in the better, sicker, and funnier of the two polarised camps.

    Congratulations, WoS forum – The RAM Raider salutes you.


    1. Anonymous10:11 am

      "Genius"? That Johnny 5 joke is obvious and not funny at all. Is that the best example you could find?

    2. Anonymous10:17 am

      Actually, that Johnny 5 gag probably is the best joke you could find on the WoS!

    3. keith andrew12:31 pm

      This should go down well.

      Impeccable timing, Ram.

    4. Anonymous2:01 pm

      I'm confused

    5. sinister agent12:02 am

      Why did WoS win? Let's be modest and just say that you can find two typical examples of attempts at humour from the competition at the top of this page.

      Oooh, I rose to it. Damn my simple ways.