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    Friday, December 21, 2007

    RR PR Cunt Of 2007: Jade Raymond

    Who won before: Simon Byron

    This one was a virtual certainty considering all the antics around Assassin’s Creed and Ubisoft in particular. Although more of a PR stunt, the whole sorry episode figure headed by Raymond was the biggest indicator we’ve ever seen that a game isn’t going to live up its hype.

    In the words of an Anonymous Knight:

    “Yeah alright love, you've got tits and you single handedly made Assassin's Creed. I prefer pictures of Ayane now, so fuck off.”
    Via email

    Or, in pictures:

    Dave Cheung, Chugworth Academy

    Other nominees included Jodie van Hibb from EA:

    “Every time I call her it's like she thinks I'm a talking turd.”
    Anonymous Knight, via Facebook

    And Manab Roy, also from Ubi:

    “Never has God’s green earth seen such a self-satisfied, unhelpful, smug midget prick. That tight t-shirted cunt doesn’t know how close he’s come to…[snip]”
    Anonymous Knight, via email

    Yes, there are things that even we won’t post.

    It’s always nice to see how certain PR husks manage to drive otherwise respectable and tolerant editors and writers to the point of insane frustration, when their jobs are to do the exact opposite. Arseholes.


    1. Anonymous4:24 pm

      The Jade Raymond comic was drawn by Dave Cheung who also draws the webcomic Chugworth Academy.

    2. Any links to the full size version, so I can read it?

      As for Manab - can't bad mouth him. He is often impossible to reach, and has only ever sent me one email in three years, but has always helped me out somehow. With stuff I've asked for magically appearing. And of course Roxana being lovely. ^_^
      =P Even if she's at Atari now. ^_^