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    Tuesday, January 01, 2008

    Happy New Year...?

    If 2007 can be summed up succinctly, then it’s been a good year for games, a sub-ordinary year for games journalism, and an abysmal year for just about everything else. That won’t stop us from being uncharacteristically optimistic by wishing each and every one of you a Happy New Year.

    It also won’t stop us from subjecting you to our New Year’s Honours List, in no particular order:

    Whether you’re a regular reader, an occasional reader, an Anonymous Knight, or you hate us but read us anyway, thank you for giving your time. Without you, this blog wouldn’t be worth updating, and life would lose a little of its colour for us.

    An eminently talented man who we were sad to see was upset when his blog had been voted for in one of the less favourable Rammy Awards. Don’t give up your blog because of that, Paul – we really ain’t worth it…
    (And buy his book – it’s funny)

    Even though he hit the nail on the head on his blog when he said how he coasted through 2007, so what? It’s not like he owes the world a favour, but being interesting enough to give gamers something to think about is always appreciated. Keep doing what you do Gillen, and long may you be criticised for it. After all, it’s better than being ignored.

    Boy, does this guy hate us. But, as much as we love the guy, we know we’re doing our jobs properly as long as he carries on hating us. And he’s posted some genius comments on here, which we thoroughly salute.

    We’ve given the guy a bit of flak, but that’s only because he’s on our radar. If he was shit, we wouldn’t dignify him with as much as a mention. In fact, he’s not only not shit, but one of the most promising young writers in a position to do something great with his writing. As long as he can temper that destructive over enthusiasm and channel it into writing passionate copy, in the good way, he’ll be one to reckon with.

    He’s the country’s best games writer out there at the moment in our humble opinion. We suspect the spirit of the once great PC Zone would be long dead if it wasn’t for his involvement with the mag, and he never fails to turn in copy that’s funny, tells you about what he’s actually writing about, and always manages to say “fuck you” in a subtle way to somebody in there. Although not literally, because the 18-rated magazine always sanitises the “fuck” word, which is a big part of why it’s losing readers so quickly. And read the Log Blog too – it’s extremely funny.

    We still think they’re funny...

    The Unreliable-EuroGamer’s best writer, and another one of the country’s best reviewers. He’s also a very nice man, and was probably dismayed to discover that he played a small part in unintentionally inspiring us to start this blog.

    OK, the space excuse is weak, but we’re sorry we can’t name-check every single one of you. If you’ve commented on the blog, talked to us on Facebook, or sent in an email at any point, then thank you. You’re great, so NEVER SURRENDER.

    We’ll post the winners of the last few Rammy Awards soon. In the meantime, here’s to 2008 being better than 2007. The RAM Raider salutes you all.


    1. Aw, that's very kind.

      Also, it's "Unreliable Eurogamer".

    2. Thanks, dear. And a sincerely happy new ting to you too. But... what? I really wasn't that upset. How can anyone ever be upset when they're as drunk as I am?


    3. Biffo - Seeing you merely mildly upset during the Season of Goodwill is enough to wrench my sensitive heart in the same way Scrooge's was at the sight of Tiny Tim lying face down in the snow on Christmas Eve, even if you were more legless than him.

      Bramwell - My apologies for the wrongly placed hyphen and incorrect capitalisation of the "G". It was late when I wrote it, and I'd been up all night gargling drain fluid with Mr Biffo.

      Gillen - A pleasure, sir.

    4. I know this is a little petulant, after getting both balls sucked with a finger in my bum, but Zone does use the fuck word - take this, my favourite strapline of 2007 (and I didn't write it, I'm not that big a self-aggrandising prick)

      I even got a crafty cunt in, on a Defcon screenshot. I suppose I should say that it was an accident.

    5. "My apologies for the wrongly placed hyphen"

      I didn't even see that. Must have been drunk.

    6. keith andrew7:01 pm

      Wait... is it 'Eurogamer' rather than 'EuroGamer'?

    7. Anonymous5:11 pm

      Speaking of unreliable Eurogamer, you might want to check out the comments made by Masked_Avenger on this page:


      Seems the reviewer of SWOS hardly even played the thing. And didn't even beat an AI opponent once... That can't be good surely?

    8. Anon: Just wandered over to the thread to check what that was about and posted this. Re-posting here - as - well, you know.

      "Coming from someone linking to this over at Ramraider, so I don't actually know for sure, but I can almost guarantee that Chris reviewed SWOS on a debug 360 on Partnernet*, which has its own separate system completely. Looking at reviewers gamertags doesn't really say much, man."

      Similarly, if you look at my Gamertag, you won't see almost any of my 360 reviews with achievements, as I reviewed 90% of them on a Debug.


    9. Anonymous8:56 pm

      Only, we know this is bullshit. If it was played on Partnernet, with a debug 360, why wait so long before releasing the review? Surely playing the debug version (presumably before it was released proper) would allow the review to be published a lot earlier than it was. Instead, it was published around the same time as all of the other websites - all of whom reviewed the proper retail version released two weeks prior.

    10. Anonymous11:54 pm

      "If it was played on Partnernet, with a debug 360, why wait so long before releasing the review?"


    11. Anonymous12:50 pm

      Press embargo is usually lifted before 14 days of the game being on sale to the public. I could be wrong.