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    Sunday, January 06, 2008

    RR Games Magazine Of 2007: Edge

    The second recipient of a “Double-Rammy” award this year, Edge shows that its self-aggrandising attitude isn’t 100% mouth, 0% trousers. Biffo’s monthly page aside, we really don’t know what it is about this po-faced monthly pack of press releases that wins it so many plaudits.

    That said, perhaps it says more about the mag market than anything else. If you’re into PC gaming, then PC Gamer and even PC Zone usually make good reading. If you’re into Nintendo’s wares, then N Gamer is where it’s at. Things start to fall apart for Xbox 360 or PS3 owners who want a decent mag to call their own, so that leaves them and anyone wanting an all-formats mag with Edge or GamesTM.

    Despite our criticisms, these are your awards. The only elaboration we got from most of the voters was an apology:

    “I’d like to vote for Edge. Sorry.”
    Several Anonymous Knights, via comments, Facebook, and email

    As we really can’t be arsed to think of nice things to say about it, we’ll leave it to a commenter on Edge’s other award:

    “I haven't read Edge for a while. This isn't because I think it's terrible, but rather because I am a cheapskate and so I read the Internet instead. However, I think a thread about Edge ought to include a nod to some of the very good writers who contribute to it. Oli Welsh, for example - probably not alone, but he's the only one whose work I've had identified for me - is a perceptive and fair-minded reviewer who does justice to very difficult commissions, and deserves to be praised.”
    Tom Bramwell from the Unreliable Eurogamer, via comments

    As tempted as we are to include the criticisms which followed this comment, we suppose we can be nice to Edge just once whilst they’re picking up a good award.

    Congratulations, Edge magazine – The RAM Raider salutes you.


    1. keith andrew10:50 pm

      This is the bit where the camera cuts to me clapping and smiling as Edge takes the stage, right?

      I can't disagree with the decision, to be honest. I'm not much of a PC gamer (note the lower case there) and so Edge is pretty much the only console magazine out there that is worth buying. I've been buying it for 8 or 9 years now, so in some circles I'm probably a bit of a super fan.

      Bring back Joao though, I say. It's all a bit dull right now. (Plus, all the pro-PS3 stuff I muttered last time.)

    2. Are these awards still going?!

    3. sinister agent9:43 pm

      Bloody hell, Ram, are you dead or what? I'm running out of distractions here. Don't make me resort to doing my work. I'll do it, you know!

    4. Yes, yes, I'm sorry - busy week.