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    Monday, January 14, 2008

    RR Games Writer Of Champions 2007: Ben Croshaw / “Yahtzee”

    Who won before: Nobody

    Prepare for the seas to boil and the skies to turn black – we’ve actually found some originality. Lots of you took the trouble to vote for a gentleman by the name of Ben Croshaw, or “Yahtzee” to use his obligatory web handle. He’s flown below many radars because his games reviews, which border on perfection, are hosted on that laughable effort trying to pass itself of as a “mature” online games mag, The Escapist.

    We’re not going to bang on about why The Escapist is mostly shit right now, as this is an award for excellence. Take it away, readers:

    “Games Writer of Champions 2007: Anglo/antipodean bloke who does Zero Punctuation for bringing a jab of -humour- (*shock-horror!*) into games reviewing. His travelogue on going to Valve was a bit shit though, but that can be overlooked.”
    Anonymous Knight, via Facebook

    This is in reference to Croshaw being a British reviewer living in Australia writing for an American site. What a cosmopolitan young man.

    More reader comments:

    “Games Writer of Champions 2007 - Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw (Zero Punctuation)

    Has made some genuinely funny reviews and is not afraid to shoot down over hyped shite.”
    Ross, via comments

    “Everything Yahtzee has done is brilliant btw, so he gets my vote for all categories he would be involved in that aren't negative.”
    Anonymous Knight, via comments

    “Games writer of the year: That Ben Croshaw/Zero Punctuation chap off the Escapist. A bit too soft on Half-life and FEAR, but he's one of few games chappies I make any time for these days, and he's come up with a decent format for internet-based reviewing that's not all style and no substance. The review of Halo 3 is a good example, if not his most entertaining.”
    Sinister Agent, via comments

    These comments all speak the truth. Croshaw’s Zero Punctuation weekly reviews bit uses a format that’s ideal for net consumption. He doesn’t write thousands of words that you can’t be arsed to read, nor is he responsible for producing videos of fat American fucks sweating over a monitor whilst reading out their written review in the most uncharismatic way imaginable.

    He instead posts a rudimentary but inventive animation of about four minutes long where he rapidly and extremely amusingly tells why a game is good, shit, or both. Every review contains at least one hilarious comment or animation, and is worth watching whether you give a toss about the game or not. THIS IS THE KEY TO GOOD REVIEWING.

    Check out his review of Halo 3 if you don’t believe us:

    In second place is our personal favourite, the perennially talented Jon Blyth, whilst in third is Gary Cutlack. Although several of Cutlack’s voters went to the trouble of pointing out that they only liked his UK:R writing, Blyth’s success is admirable considering he mostly writes for a magazine which nobody reads anymore.

    Congratulations, Ben Croshaw / “Yahtzee” – The RAM Raider salutes you.


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    2. Nevermind the writing. How would Croshaw do on Hot or Not?

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