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    Monday, March 31, 2008

    New Ways To Hate Us

    Hello readers. We’ve really missed you over the last few weeks, but we’re back now to what should be our usual schedule of utterly irregular and sub-sporadic smatterings of lacklustre posts which whinge, gripe, moan, and generally piss everyone off because something’s annoyed us.

    Although we know of at least one person in particular who’ll vehemently tell anyone who cares (and quite a few who don’t) that we make this stuff up, we’d like to thank all of you who have emailed and sent us messages through Facebook whilst we’ve been absent. If we’ve not replied to anything you’ve sent, we promise it’s not our fault – Google Mail’s spam filter is relentless.

    You might also have noticed a few new buttons around the place. If you’re commenting on a blog post, you’ve got the option of ticking a box which will email you when someone else comments. It’s a great way of keeping an eye on a discussion / argument / slanging match you’re participating in without obsessively hitting refresh every two seconds, and it’s all handled by Google so we don’t get any of those addresses (not that we’re the spamming sorts).

    There are also some new buttons on the right bar to help you subscribe to the blog. You can choose to be notified of updates to the blog or new comments posted through RSS – a number of programs are supported, or you can just use vanilla RSS if you know what you’re doing. The “Subscribe” link above it gives you the option to receive email updates whenever the blog is updated. Again, your dirty secret is safe from us as it’s all dealt with by Feedburner.

    As far as Facebook is concerned, you’re always welcome to send us a friend request which, unlike most “industry types”, we promise we’ll always accept. The RAM Raider also has its own page with a forum and all that bollocks on Facebook, so you can declare yourself a fan if you’re feeling generous, or just settle for calling us cunts in the anonymous honesty box.

    If you can’t be arsed with any of that, you can still get in touch through our email address. We never reveal the names or details of those who contact us without express permission, so send us your rantings, criticisms, praise, stories of abject incompetence, or adverts for cock cream any time you like.

    Finally, sorry for not being there to rub Future’s nose in their utterly fucking awful ABCs or their absolutely fucking abysmal share nosedive, and a big juicy thanks to for running our RR Awards press release a few months ago.

    The RAM Raider salutes you all.


    1. Welcome back, Rammy.

    2. Wilkommen.

      Worth nothing that it's a tad unfair to dig at people who refuses friends on Facebook. After all, if they don't know you, it's kinda reasonable they don't want you know - say - who their girlfriend is or whatever.

      That said, I accept almost everyone. Even you, Rammy.


    3. Hey, get with the times, granddad – there are limited profile options.

      Thank you for baring your naked Facebook-flavoured soul to me though, Gillen. I’m honoured.