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    Saturday, April 12, 2008

    N’Gai Croal: “Ban This Racist Filth”

    After weighing in with his views on the despicable racist filth depicted in the Resident Evil 5 trailer, “respected” (in the same sense that Edge is “respected”) games journo N’Gai Croal gives The RAM Raider an exclusive video interview in which he names and shames even more unacceptable bigotry blighting society:


    1. Yes, Rammy, it's all very well portraying Mr Croal as an agent provocateur and all-round intellectual fraud by comparing him to a substandard late-night TV pisstake of a twenty-years-out-of-date cultural stereotype, but what do you really think?

      I'd really like to know if you've got anything to say in response to his pretty well-balanced and reasoned argument. Cause, if you haven't, then all you're doing is reducing the guy to a racial charicature, laughing and pointing.

      And guess what that makes you look like.

    2. "And guess what that makes you look like."

      That's right boys and girls - I'm racist filth!

    3. "That's right boys and girls - I'm racist filth!"

      Whether you are or you aren't is beside the point.

      My argument - and Croal's - is that by doing certain things in certain ways, you can end up looking like what you're not. Can you see that?

    4. Anonymous6:29 pm

      But that guy doesn't even look like Croal. Oh, wait, they all look the same to you, don't they?

    5. essell4:47 pm

      Poor show by not daring to offer an actual point of view on the issues Croal talks about, RR. Rubbish post.