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    Thursday, May 29, 2008

    The Official AND Definitive Least Hideous Games Journalists (And Industry People): 2008 Turbo Champion Game Of The Year Hyper Edition

    It’s back, and this time it’s definitive. No more namby pamby top ten lists either – this is a full on rundown of who the public deem to be the least ghastly looking games journalists (and industry people) ever. Well, for 2008 at least.

    If there’s one thing us games journalists absolutely love, but will swear blind that we absolutely hate, it’s having our pictures plastered all over the rags we write for. Some games journalists (and industry people) have faces that really should be left for the written word to conceal, so we’ve compiled the definitive list of who’s less hideous than whom.

    If you didn’t catch this the first time around 18 months ago, the rules are simple. We’ve collected together a nice little bundle of photos of games journalists (and industry people), and stuck them on a website where the public has awarded them a mark out of ten. For the sake of fairness, we entered an identical age for everyone, and waited for voting to close for each entrant. We’re now going to list the top ranking entrants in reverse order.

    All pics have been sourced from collections that are out there on the net. We were tempted to dip into our own stashes once or twice, but that wouldn’t be fair. We’ve tried to be as comprehensive as possible by submitting as many journos and industry people – by which we mean mostly PR types – as we could think of in one evening. If you’re on our radar, or think you might be on our radar, then have a look through your photo collection. You see that pic that’s so lip-pursingly awful that you wish cock-rot upon the person who took it? That’ll be the one we used.

    Regrettably, there are a few people we forgot about until it was too late. Sorry about that.

    We’ve also thrown in a few ladies, who get their very own chart as their scoring is worked out differently to the guys.

    Dave Perry won this in 2006, but will he reign supreme this year? Or will you top that list? Or will your favourite games journalist (or industry person) feature? And do you really give a fuck?

    Enjoy this, kids – it’s going to be a winner…

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