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    Monday, June 30, 2008

    31st Least Hideous: Paul Rose / Mr Biffo

    Earlier this year, Paul Rose / Mr Biffo took his blog offline and stopped writing Edge magazine's only readable page, presumably so arseholes like us would stop including him in lists like this. His legacy as the editor of Digitiser is enough to make the games industry label stick to him like shit to a bear’s arse, so even if he never writes another word about games for as long as he lives, he’s still going to be stuck with freaks like us cyberstalking him. We’re sure he’ll be relieved we didn’t use the Greek at a funeral parlour picture again though.

    And now, we’re going to take a quick break from our regular broadcast so we can apologise. Someone asked us in the comments section why we didn’t tell a funny story we referred to in an earlier post. Another reader speculated that it was because if we did tell the story, the person it was about would realise who we are. That reader was dead on, but that doesn’t excuse us for mentioning it in the first place, as saying “I know a story but I’m not going to tell you it” is a bit cunty.

    By way of apology, we’re going to tell you another funny story about Rockstar. Once, someone from there sent us some review code with a compliments slip that had a message written on it. Written underneath the message was the name of the person who had sent it, only he’d got his own name wrong, so had crossed it out so he could have another go. We still don’t know how the poor lad managed to misspell “CJ”.

    Congratulations, Paul Rose – The RAM Raider salutes you!


    1. Anonymous4:08 pm

      Let me guess. Did he misspell it PJ?


    2. Anonymous5:38 pm

      Paul Rose - fucking genius.

      He managed to be funny, informative, and mildly subversive.

      To be frank; mo-ther-fucker!

      Love ya, Pauly baby!

    3. It's a shame Rose got a bit upset and deleted everything to do with himself on the internet :(

      I always send him messages saying how much I love him, and he just tends to reply with "MR BIFFO IS DEAD!!1!" so your comments are pretty dead on.

      Also; does that graph keep changing? I'm sure it had two spikes last time...

    4. Anonymous12:22 am

      Why has Biffo deleted most of his net stuff about him on the net? I can't find mention of it anywhere. I just went to his website and it now has no content apart from floggin' books. Is it so he can be seen as a more respectable writer? moc moc a moc etc etc etc. At one time you could regularly meet him and play him and paintball and that. It all seems so sad. Sniff. Sniffuss.