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    Friday, June 20, 2008

    41st Least Hideous: Daniel Griliopoulos

    Another ex-journo who’s crossed over to the world of PR, Dan Gril is an alumnus of Future. His last gig was with the Officially Corrupt Xbox 360 Magazine, although this shouldn’t be held against him as he’s a seriously pleasant guy. He also won the admiration and respect of his peers when he had a public moan about Future on his blog, although he was disciplined for his actions by the scumbag management. You see – there’s a lot to be said for anonymity.

    We’re getting sick of people moaning about how long this list is taking to get through, so we’re going to start doubling up on some of the posts to come.

    Congratulations, Daniel Griliopoulos – The RAM Raider salutes you!

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