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    Tuesday, June 10, 2008

    47th Least Hideous: Ben Croshaw

    Ben Croshaw, Yahtzee Croshaw, or the bloke in the hat who does the Zero Punctuation reviews – however you know him, you can add to that list “47th least hideous games journalist”. He picked up a RAM Raider Award last year for his work on Zero Punctuation, but this hasn’t stopped the inevitable backlash from rearing its head.

    Here’s a comment left on our Facebook page about him:

    “I don't like him any more. He's a silly shark-jumping tit who doesn't really review games. And has stopped being funny as he's obviously looking for reasons to bitch, rather than talking about legitimate ones.”

    We’ve been looking for reasons to bitch for years. Around about the same time we stopped being funny.

    And now, here’s a new entry for the legendary Ridiculous Statements Masquerading As Games Journalism: An Occasional Series:

    “…the other half of developer Liquid Entertainment’s definition – RPG – could have been a mythologising flourish rather than a taxonomical aid.”

    Edge presents the titillating results of a synergy of a hastily used thesaurus and barely interested coverage of Rise Of The Argonauts.

    (To be fair to Edge though, this is the first issue in about six months that we’ve managed to spend more than ten minutes reading before waking from an upright coma three hours later to find the magazine has fallen from our still outstretched hands, a string of saliva connecting our bottom lip to the floor. But don’t tell them we said that.)

    Congratulations, Ben Croshaw – The RAM Raider salutes you!

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