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    Wednesday, June 18, 2008

    Bruce Everiss – Cunt

    Here are five reasons why Bruce Everiss is an utter cunt:

    1 – When he was caught out by several games journos for peddling his bullshit make-believe revisionist theory that Imagine was killed off by piracy, he rewrote his lies and deleted contributors’ comments (read about it here and here), making him a lying cunt

    2 – He set up a website devoted purely to character-assassinating Stuart Campbell, making him a bitter cunt

    3 – He’s reproducing posts from The RAM Raider on his own blog, making him a copyright infringing cunt

    4 – He ignored an email we sent to him asking him to stop, making him an ignorant cunt

    5 – He responded to a second email we sent to him by telling us to “get lost”, making him a rude cunt

    So that’s Bruce Everiss – a hypocritical, lying, bitter, deluded, copyright infringing, ignorant, valueless, rude, sad old cunt.

    Seeing as we’re not the type to hold a grudge though, we’ve got an offer for Bruce: You can rip off the content from this post on the house.


    1. Anonymous8:11 am

      He's also not very good at hanging pictures straight it seems.

    2. RevStu9:21 am

      Almost every image on Bruce's blog is also a copyright-infringing unlicenced use of other people's IP. It's hilarious that Bruce makes such a song and dance about copyright infringement, while doing it himself almost every single day, happily depriving copyright owners of income from their current, active property.

      For example, check this:
      against this:

      The licenced use of that image costs £196, but Bruce has just stolen the first Google Images result for "virus", from someone who's properly licenced and credited the picture:

      The owner of that image makes his living from selling rights to his pictures, but Bruce has just helped himself, presumably because he thinks nobody will find out about it, or that if they do nobody from Australia will go to the trouble of trying to sue him in the UK.

      Most of the other images on his blog can also fairly easily be tracked to the legal owner - sometimes, Bruce doesn't even bother to remove things like Press Association watermarks, because he's such a complete idiot:

      For another example, this:
      is pinched from the Guardian:
      and is the third result for searching "gypsy caravan" in Google Images. Bruce's normal modus operandi, indeed, seems to be simply to steal whatever he likes from the first page of a Google Images search for whatever topic he's wittering on about that day.

      Essentially, Bruce appears to believe that anything you can find on the internet can simply be taken and used without permission or payment, all the while bellowing from the rooftops about how everyone ELSE's copyright infringement is disgusting and criminal and evil. "Hypocrisy" really doesn't even begin to cover it, viewers.

      Bruce Everiss: outspoken defender of intellectual property rights! Let's hear it for Bruce! Yay!

    3. RevStu9:44 am

      You can join in this fun game at home, too! Here are some more to show you how it works!
      Bruce wants a nice colourful picture of a pretty Dance Dance Revolution girl to brighten up his tedious droning. But where could he possibly find one? How about here?

      You've got to hand it to Bruce. He just doesn't care whose copyright he infringes - little independent photographers trying to make a living from selling their pictures, national broadsheet newspapers, and now even the notoriously litigious MTV! Good work, Bruce!

      Just one more? Okay then.
      Where'd you find that one, Brucie?
      Ah, there it is. (From page 1 of Google Images search for "earthquake crack".)

      But I suppose it's "fair use" to lift someone's holiday pictures to enliven a pompous, clueless story about the Wii, right? (PS Bruce: there's no such thing as "fair use" in UK copyright law anyway.)

      Get the idea? Try your luck!

    4. Anonymous11:34 am

      "He’s reproducing posts from The RAM Raider on his own blog, making him a copyright infringing cunt"


    5. My cat's breath smells of catfood

    6. sinister agent11:18 pm

      Chance of Bruce not popping up by the weekend to slag off Campbell after one of his bi-weekly google searches for his own name: 26%

    7. Anonymous12:30 am

      Anonymous @10:34 AM


      It's the same place that is Rammy's Reason number 2 above, hence why he probably never linked it.

    8. RevStu7:38 am

      I don't think we'll see Bruce in this thread. He doesn't like being confronted by reality in a place where he can't censor out any comments that show him up for the two-faced hypocritical idiot that he is. He's a snivelling coward as well as everything else.

    9. Anonymous10:45 am

      Ah right. This is awesome, it's like a rock-paper-scissors triumvirate of unemployable retards.

    10. Anonymous1:32 pm

      Anonymity is awesome too.

    11. Anonymous2:54 pm

      I thought on your "50th least hideous" entry, Stu, it transpired that you yourself were infringing copyright by hosting bootlegged comedy footage.

      Pardon me if i speak out of turn, sir, but if that makes Bruce a cunt, then...

    12. Not Stu's gay lover.5:22 pm

      The site hasn't copied any articles from here. That is a cuntish lie from a cunt who thinks he is a journalist but doesn't recognise facts. Cunt.
      All that were copied were reader comments like this one. And the RAM raider cunts don't own the copyright on them.

    13. So you said in your email, Bruce, and you were just as wrong then as you are now. When contributors send me comments and I put them together into a post, I hold the copyright.

      Get off your fat old arse, go down to the library with all the other pensioners, and find a book that has "intellectual property law" somewhere in the title.

      And fuck off, whilst you're at it.

    14. Bruce6:20 pm

      Oh fuck up Campbell. You tiresome, tiresome cunt.

    15. Bruce6:25 pm

      Actually Campbell.

      Why dont you come up to Warwickshire and we can put paid to this like proper men.

      I'll even sub you the bus fare you poor scottish cunt.

      What do you say?

    16. revstu7:10 pm

      Good comeback, Bruce! (Hey, anyone can get one word completely wrong out of eight.) You've certainly shown that you're NOT a grotesquely hypocritical idiot greedily ripping off other people's IP and livelihood on a daily basis!

      Oh, hang on.

      And congrats on getting yourself banned from yet ANOTHER forum (this time grown-up private industry site The Chaos Engine) for despicable abuse of a whole range of people and endless spamming of your tedious little blog. Is that FIVE you've been kicked off in the last month now?

    17. revstu7:19 pm

      More fun for copyright fans!

      Bruce: (and many more instances)
      Google Images "news glasses" page 1:

      PS3 GPU:
      Google Images "ps3 gpu" page 1:
      Owner: PC Watch

      TAKE TWO:
      Google Images "chess white knight" page 1:
      Owners: Chess Central

      Google Images "leamington-spa" page 1:
      Owner: Parliamentary Assembly of the Council Of Europe

      Google Images "burning books" page 1:
      Owner: Cathy Jamieson, professional photographer and author, who makes a living from her work (

      Google Images "top dog" page 1:

      Google Images "goldfinger" page 1:
      Owner: Taken from, Goldfinger property of MGM.

      Google Images "top 10" page 1:
      Owner: Taken from the blog of Zack Lynch, director of the Neurotechnology Industry Organization.

      Google Images "tron" page 1:
      Owner: Taken from, Tron property of Disney.

      GET AN MBA:
      Google Images "business school" page 1:
      Owner: Harvard University Gazette

      Google Images "10 downing street" page 1:
      Owner: Taken from Loines Furnival, "a creative design and communication consultancy based in the North West of the UK."

      Google Images "rock climbing" page 1:

      Google Images "amy whinehouse" (sic) page 1:
      Owner: Taken from, picture itself still has "(C) BIG" on the corner.

      (And no, I didn't have anything better to do yesterday morning. Showing up a hypocritical fuckwit is my idea of fun.)

      We both unquestionably infringe copyright sometimes, Bruce. But there's a pretty big difference between us. I act entirely in accordance with what I believe and what I say in public. You, on the other hand, shout and scream about how evil copyright infringement is, but then do it every day anyway, and (unlike me) with current things that the owners are still selling for a living to boot. I know which of us that makes the bigger cunt.

      I might technically be a pirate, but I'd rather be a pirate than be a pirate AND a weaselly two-faced lying sack of shit like you, love.


    18. Bruce, if Stu doesn't accept your offer of a bus fare, I'll happily take it. But I'm after your bumhole, not a fight.

    19. Anonymous8:50 pm

      I wish i was Bruce, i'd leave a witty and misspelt comment right here. Oh well.

    20. sinisteragent10:55 pm

      This is either the saddest or funniest thing ever. Threatening to beat people up on the internet, Bruce?


      I'm struggling to think of a way to put it that doesn't include the words "a grown man" or "would be pathetically juvenile coming from a teenager", or indeed "youtube video of the year".

    21. I'm not going to post any links, but I'm a little disappointed that Bruce's little sex forum has been neglected in this discussion so far.

    22. fangface12:49 am

      I like the way that you can place the emphasis in the phrase "Bruce's little sex forum" in so many different ways.

    23. Anonymous12:15 pm

      Bruce you snivelling, mangy, conceited, cretinous, talentless cockroach - why don't you scuttle back to your kinky porn discussion board, and fuck off while you're doing it?

    24. Anonymous12:32 pm

      "Chance of Bruce not popping up by the weekend to slag off Campbell after one of his bi-weekly google searches for his own name: 26%"

      C'mon - he must be doing this at hourly intervals, interspersed with Googling Stuart then quoting 3 year old forum threads completely out of context on his 'I'm NOT a twat - this bloke is' blog. Wonderful journalism mate.

      You Cunt.

    25. Barry Shitpeas1:50 pm

      There's some pretty conclusive evidence as to Bruce's cuntery here. He's definitely a fucking cunt.

      Personally, I hate him. He's a total and utter cunt.

    26. Harry Cuntbeans9:00 pm

      For those of you who are wondering, here's a link to Bruce's forum.

      Most of the posts are actually made by him, encouraging depraved discussion to satisfy his strange sexual needs. He probably has loads of child porn.

      It helps to put the finishing touches on a portrait of a seriously sad, washed-up old man.

      I can imagine the fat old cunt sat in his computer chair, searching for things to say about Stuart Campbell, sporadically masturbating over one of the few filthy stories posted on his forum, whilst poking himself up the arse before sniffing his finger.

    27. Anonymous9:53 pm

      Theres an entry for Brucie on this site:

      Obviously NSFW

    28. Chris Theo4:37 am

      Bruce Everiss is a censoring cunt!

    29. Colin3:40 pm

      For more evidence of Bruce's ongoing cuntery see here:

      and here

      His login is SexyTed and he came to our forum with a bizzare desire to be wanted.

      We have shown to be a cunt and yet he's hung around

      The cunt

    30. Anonymous10:35 pm

      I must object in the strongest possible terms to the original post...

      you could only find 5 reasons why Bruce is a cunt?

      May I add he is also a cunt because of his self-obsessed, self-publicising creep who manages to be both prudish and offensive, insulting, ignorant and refuses to listen because he is too busy spouting appalling advertisments for bruce. Oh, and he's an obnoxious cunt

      I probably missed some other reasons why he is a cunt

    31. Anonymous4:17 pm

      How's this for a fine irony?
      Stuart Campbell, arch pirate, sues for piracy!!!
      Just how hypocritical can you get?

      At last, someone's found a way to make money out of Net
      publishing. When former AMIGA POWER staffers Stuart
      Campbell and Jonathan Nash stuck their "AP2" tribute page
      online, they must have worried that it would be of little
      interest (or comprehensibility) to non-readers (or non-
      staff) of the deceased Future Publishing mag. Thrillingly,
      they then discovered their entire site - an estimated
      200,000 words - on the cover CD of the current issue of
      EMAP's CU AMIGA magazine, still containing both their
      copyright symbols and the unusual claim that "CU Amiga
      sucks dogs' cocks in hell". Hurry if you want a copy, as
      the authors believe they may be able to: a) sue EMAP for
      two person-years of writer's salaries; and b) get CU Amiga
      injuncted off the shelves. Uberfreelancer Campbell sounds
      more than capable - only this week, he apparently came
      within 14 hours of "sending the bailiffs round" to the
      offices of Edge for late payment on a game review.
      - whatever happened to that Amiga public domain spirit?


      Make $$$ on the Internet, part n+1: for many webmasters, it's
      a dream come true - after your URL (say, cult hit "Things My
      Girlfriend and I Have Argued About") appears in the Guardian
      Editor (2001-02-02), another newspaper rings up and asks if
      they can publish the content for UKP800, to tie in with the
      split between Kidman and Cruise. But... it's The Mail On
      Sunday, and you say "no". But... they go ahead and print it
      anyway, now with different names (a bit like that time The
      Graham Norton Show faked the call with the guy behind the Joan
      Collins glove fetish page). When confronted over this
      remarkable liberty-taking, the Mail then guiltily offer you
      twice the original sum (make $$$, remember!), but you're left
      wondering: is this penance enough, especially when your
      colleagues (at "The Weekly") include those scourges of big-IP-
      thievery, Jonathan Nash and Stuart Campbell, who successfully
      sued EMAP in early 1998 for putting their entire website on
      the coverdisk of a rival magazine?

    32. Anonymous9:10 am

      Ah shut the fuck up Bruce you fucking paedophile cunt. Just look at yourself you fucking child molester.

    33. After reading this page I have made a page about Bruce Everiss (aka bruciebabe aka SexyTed) on my own website.

    34. Anonymous1:31 pm

      There are some good pigeon recipes here:

    35. Anonymous8:11 am

      I still object to the fact that you only list 5 reasons. Evony, good luck in suring his arse off

    36. Anonymous7:21 am

      Bruce beating the dead horse and ducking out when reasonable, intelligent people nail him to the wall:

      ^ This one is by far the best. FishyHat utterly destroys Bruce's paper thin argument.

      It's obvious that Everiss believes all gamers to be not only theives but thick as pig shit too.

      It seems to be beyond his ability to grasp that some of us do know what we're talking about and no amount of pulling the wool will blind us to his idiotic ramblings.

    37. Anonymous10:45 am

      More on Bruce

    38. Anonymous7:18 pm

      hate him with a passion. did you no his wife"a doctor" hit and killed a tanker driver while's driving on the wrong side of the road ?. when Imagine went tits up he took at least two other company's with it. yet he wont even talk about any of this.the man hates scouser's maybe his dad is one and thought fuck this my sons a CUNT and ran away ;)

    39. Anonymous12:26 am

      Bruce Everiss, has now stooped to the level of posting sick Hillsborough jokes and sick links to Jamie Bulger jokes on his Twitter page.
      He is an absolute prick.
      He also got his wife via the internet