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    Sunday, June 29, 2008

    Joint 32nd Least Hideous: Martin Korda & Steve Boxer

    Martin Korda is a freelance journo, most notably for PC Zone, and does consultancy type stuff too. He once thought he’d ruptured a gonad on a vigorous ride at a theme park. Boxer is also a freelance journo, and is one of The Guardian’s better writers. As far as we’re aware, he’s never ruptured a gonad.

    And now, for today’s thrill-packed instalment of Things Cunts Say, we’ve got a guest contribution from an Anonymous Knight. Here’s what he had to say:

    "We [insert activity here] so you don't have to."

    The single most asinine, faux-chummy cop-out available to lazy writers/subs.

    If you have a suggestion for Things Cunts Say, stick them in the comments box, email them or Facebook them.

    Congratulations, Martin Korda & Steve Boxer – The RAM Raider salutes you!


    1. Anonymous2:55 pm

      Ah, the inimitable Mr. Boxer. If anyone would like to know exactly WHY we shouldn't imitate him, one need only watch this...

      Going from left to right, we have 'Lobotomy Girl', proving once and for all that not all girls can multitask as they claim. This one in fact, only just managing to simutaneously strum the wagggly bit and her face secured to her skull.

      Next we have the man himself. I think you'll find the bit where he comes back in after the instrumental to be particularly piquant. All that pent-up attitude, it wouldn't surprise me if, post-song, he killed a mounted policeman. Then shat in his mouth. Go Steve.

      Then there's Adam Doree, perhaps the only one to come away from this without having to seek out anyone who has seen it and shoot them stone dead.

      And finally, my favourite; 'Prozac Girl'. She's certainly had her Weetabix, I think you'll agree.


    2. Lobotomy Girl is in fact Eurogamer's Ellie Gibson. I can confirm that her face is usually attached to her skull.