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    Thursday, June 19, 2008

    Joint 42nd Least Hideous: Simon Byron

    The second of the Triforce to appear in the least hideous list is an ex-journo and PR man who, again, isn’t a cunt. The other day, we were looking through some of the old posts we started writing three years ago for the blog, but never finished. One of them was entitled “A Funny Story About Simon Byron.” Try as we might, we can’t remember what that funny story was, but we think it had something to do with ECTS or GameStars Live or something. If you have a funny story about Simon Byron, lay it down in the comments box.

    Oh, and another thing. Someone criticised this list on a forum because the photo we used of Ste was five years old. As if he actually looks better now…

    And now, a new occasional series: Things Cunts Say, where we sensationally (sort of) point out stupid things that games industry people say that automatically makes them a cunt. Today:

    “… will make you grin.”

    Fuck off. We never, EVER, “grin” when playing games. Ever. If you “grin” when you play games, then you need professional help. If you think a game will make your readers “grin”, then you can fuck right off, because you’re a cunt.

    Congratulations, Simon Byron – The RAM Raider salutes you!


    1. My funny story about Simon Byron is the time I convinced Leo Tan that Simon slept with his sister.

      I was, in my defence, talking about Byron, the slightly more famous poet. But it turned out Leo wasn't. And from thence the confusion arose.

      What's key to this story is that Leo was prepared to believe that Simon might have.

    2. Anonymous2:52 pm

      You've got to do these a few at a time, Rammy, you're never going to stretch it out over fifty days...

    3. Anonymous3:10 pm

      What the second guy said.

    4. Haarball8:53 pm

      Simon once cavorted with a lamppost right in front of my eyes. Topless! And then he did push-ups.