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    Monday, July 28, 2008

    3rd Least Hideous: Steve Hogarty

    Another Futureite who’s been tipped for number one, PC Zone’s Steve Hogarty has to settle for the only slightly less impressive number three position. If you’re one of our five regular readers, you might recall us mentioning the Odd Irish Kid in past posts. In case you didn’t realise, we were referring to him. But to give him his due, he’s not a kid any more.

    And now, today’s instalment of the all-conquering hit series that’s been ripped off, renamed and made shit by GamesRadar – Things Cunts Say. Today:

    “…will remind you why you like gaming.”

    Have you ever spent five years alone in your flat staring blankly at the wall because you’ve forgotten why you like watching TV? Have you ever spent a month feeling peculiarly frustrated and suffering random erections, the likes of which you’ve not seen since you were a teenager, because you’ve forgotten why you like wanking? Have you ever collapsed in a heap on the floor, clutching your throat and turning blue because you’ve forgotten why you like breathing? No? Then you’re hardly fucking likely to forget why you like gaming, then. Cunt.

    Congratulations, Steve Hogarty – The RAM Raider salutes you!

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