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    Friday, July 18, 2008

    5th & 4th Least Hideous Women: Rhianna Pratchett & Margaret Robertson

    Before counting down the Top 10 Least Hideous, we’re going to have a quick break to check out the Top Five Least Hideous Women in the games industry. Kicking off the list is Rhianna Pratchett, who’s a Future freelancer turned gaming scriptwriter. She’s working on Mirror’s Edge (aka, “That Free-Running Thing”) at the moment, which is looking suspiciously like it’s going to be shit. Margaret Robertson has also written for a good few places, although she’s probably best known for her stint on Edge. The poor woman.

    Things Cunts Say will be back next week, as it wouldn’t be right and proper to be using words such as cunts, cuntiness or cuntitude on posts where women are likely to be offended. We’re still accepting suggestions, though.

    Instead, some GMA news. Someone asked us for our tip for the “Rising Star” category. After giving it a good three minutes of thought, we’ve decided to pin our colours to Ed Zitron. He’s one of PC Zone’s disproportionately good writers, in case you’re wondering, so get nominating.

    Congratulations, Rhianna Pratchett & Margaret Robertson – The RAM Raider salutes you!


    1. Anonymous10:22 am

      Jesus, when will it end ? Talk about dragging it out. This whole thing started in May.

      I think I'll leave it and come back in September. Hopefully it would have ended by then.

    2. I think the RAM Raider is Zitron.

      All Zitron talks about in the office is finding out who the RAM Raider is, so by mentioning himself in the list then nominating himself for a Games Media Award, he's pulling some sort of mind-fucking quadruple dummy on us.

    3. Anonymous8:16 pm

      It's OBVIOUSLY Zitron, but nobody can prove it.

      By the way, Ed, if it is you, good work.

    4. sinister agent9:40 pm

      Below six for both? Man. I bet less than 10% of people voting have never been within five feet of a real woman. Or man, for that matter.

      Those hot or not lot are full of rot, wot?

    5. sinister agent4:17 am

      ... that meant to say 'have ever been with'. Damn my addled brain. This is why I'm not a Sub Ed, clearly.

    6. Anonymous12:33 pm

      I hope it's not Zitron, I'll lose all respect for the man if it is.