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    Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    8th & Joint 6th Least Hideous: Johnny Minkley & Gareth Williams

    Johnny Minkley has moved around a fair bit in the business, having done time for the likes of MCV, and popping up on Radio 1 with hung-over bint Jo Whiley. He’s currently working for the Unreliable Eurogamer. Gareth Williams recently jumped ship from Uncooked Media to work as a PR husk. Both have always been friendly to us, so you won’t be hearing any character assassinations today.

    And now, it’s time for Things Cunts Say. Today:


    One of the privileges of serving the mighty cause of games journalism is being able to write colloquially and getting away with it. Exasperated? Then render that tutting sound you would usually make as a “tsk”. Need to express your incredulity as you would in conversation? Then you may use “pah”. But how about if you’re not really that bothered about the subject of the piece you’re writing? Then perhaps you should justify to the reader why they have to sit through an account of something you’re not interested in. Explain to them why it is that you feel the subject needs to be mentioned, but should be treated with apathy. If it makes you tired just thinking about it, pick from “yawn” or “zzz”. But who within the wide expanses of this fucking miserable arsehole of a planet has ever opened their mouth and said “meh”? Who? That’s right – nobody. Nobody ever says “meh”. So why write it? Oh, that’s right – because you’re a fucking thick cunt.

    Congratulations, Johnny Minkley & Gareth Williams – The RAM Raider salutes you!


    1. Anonymous5:08 am

      How on earth did Gareth Williams get so many tens?

    2. sinister agent7:02 am

      Gonna have to disagree with you on this one, RAM. I've been saying 'meh' for years - that's why it started occasionally creeping into online conversation.

      Also 'ih', a variant I picked up from a girlfriend in school. Pronounced as in "stick", obviously.

    3. Anonymous2:47 pm

      Gareth is clearly making his bedroom eyes.

      These graphs make absolutely no sense though. Look, Jonny's barely got anything above 7 and he still somehow averages 8.4.

    4. Anonymous8:16 pm

      Oh dear Rammy. Larry David's been saying 'Meh' for years in Curb Your Enthusiasm, and as that's one of the funniest sitcoms ever I don't really think you can call him a cunt. Maybe you should spend less time on your blog and more on other forms of culture.

    5. There's definitely in a "y" in what LD says - I'd argue it's more "myeh". You have my agreement on this, though - in terms of quality, CYE is definitely up there with Seinfeld.