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    Thursday, July 10, 2008

    Joint 14th Least Hideous: Darran Jones & Keith Andrew

    An unprecedented six games industry types have come in with the same score, so we’ve had to leap up from 20. The first two to share the crowded number 14 position are Imagine’s Darran Jones, who’s currently helming the nostalgia-fest that is Retro Gamer, and Keith Andrew, who’s an eager young freelancer who writes for a load of outlets that even he’s not heard of.

    What time is it? It’s Things Cunts Say o’clock (which, realistically, should probably be on the list). Today’s entry is by Keza:

    "Insert pun/joke about x here."

    No. No I shall not. You are a fucking WRITER. It is YOUR job to think up passably amusing puns, not the reader's. Presenting the reader with the constituent parts of a POTENTIAL joke is not the same as actually being funny, you lazy tosser. I understand that a staffie job can wear one down to the point where even thinking of jokes becomes a joyless, tiring experience, but have some pride.

    Congratulations, Darran Jones & Keith Andrew – The RAM Raider salutes you!


    1. I'm hunting down any bastard that gave me anything below...4, at least.

    2. Darran Jones1:01 pm

      I wonder if I'm so high because everyone's looked at my daughter and gone Awwwwww

    3. Don't sell yourself short. We're there because we're hawt.