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    Monday, July 14, 2008

    Joint 14th Least Hideous: Dave Woods & Jamie Sefton

    The final two sharing the 14th spot have both held the editor position of Future’s PC Zone magazine. Woods was the editor of Zone when it was bought from Dennis by Future Publishing. Hilariously, he wrote to MCV to reassure everyone that Zone would remain “fiercely independent” of Future, just as Future ordered him to permanently terminate Stuart Campbell’s regular commissions because they don’t like him. Later, Woods redeemed himself when he described Zone’s Freeplay section as covering “all the community stuff that Gamer have managed to make unintelligible in their Extra Life section.” He then went on to write for some crappy Poker magazine.

    The most interesting thing we can think of about Sefton, who took over from Woods, is this – if you ever meet him, he’ll tell you about the time he was in Emmerdale.

    And now, from ex-editors of PC Zone to the rollicking rollercoaster of mediocrity that is Things Cunts Say. Today:

    “If you don’t like [game that reviewer has been paid to like, but there’s a remotely slender chance that other people might fucking not], then you just don’t get it.”

    Guess what – we don’t like you. Not because we don’t get “it”, but because you’re a cunt.

    Congratulations, Dave Woods & Jamie Sefton – The RAM Raider salutes you!

    1 comment:

    1. I don't mind sharing 14th spot with Woods, based on that shot.

      Incidentally, far worse than "If you don’t like x, then you just don’t get it.” are lines like "Just buy it!" or "If you don't pre-order this one, you're just mad!"

      Oh, and there was a great "review summary" box-out in The Player (what?) once, where the writer used the space to explain that he couldn't be arsed to write said summary and that anyone bothered by that should just "fuck off".

      I say "great" - I mean "painful".