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    Monday, July 07, 2008

    Joint 22nd Least Hideous: Alex Verrey & Jon Hicks

    Alex Verrey will be known forever to an entire generation as Big Boy Barry from Games World, whilst Jon Hicks is currently working on Future’s Officially Corrupt Xbox 360 Magazine. They’re both decent fellows, and we take our hats off to the pair of them.

    Pretty soon, we’re going to completely dispense with the explanations of who the people in the Least Hideous list are so we can get straight onto another death-defying addition to the tome of champions otherwise known as Things Cunts Say. Today, two Anonymous Knights discuss a couple of variations of a cunt-toted phrase:

    "War-hunnh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!"

    Every shitty preview of a war FPS has contained this innocuous, arse-standard lyric over the past 20 years. Surely the true sign of a proper cunt?

    Anonymous Knight 2 disagrees:

    That's more the sign of the first time someone's ever written about a war game. The true sign of a cunt is:

    "War - what is it good for? Well, the developers of this game, actually!"

    At least people who do the vanilla lyrics don't think they're fucking clever.

    Congratulations, Alex Verrey & Jon Hicks – The RAM Raider salutes you!


    1. Anonymous1:59 am

      Is it just me or are these two uglier than the last two, who in turn are uglier than some of the ones further down the list? Who's voting on them, Hobbits?

    2. Anonymous7:44 am

      Well it is a "Who's Hot or Not" site, so yeah, I'd guess as much.

      I like how Quintin Smith, a man who, in that picture, looks like he's half-way through peeling a pancake from his face, ranks higher than lots of genuinely handsome (or at least non-hideous) blokes.

    3. Anonymous10:04 am

      Rammy, you're such a bender. "Oh, he's a nice chap." "Oh, he's a lovely bloke." How about saying what you honestly think of the people in this list? You worthless little cop-out bitch.

    4. Rammy's a very nice bender though.

    5. Anonymous4:36 pm

      Interesting to note that someone's rated Verrey a 10. Perhaps you should've used a full body shot?

    6. Things Cunts Write:

      "Insert pun/joke about x here."

      No. No I shall not. You are a fucking WRITER. It is YOUR job to think up passably amusing puns, not the reader's. Presenting the reader with the constituent parts of a POTENTIAL joke is not the same as *actually being funny*, you lazy tosser. I understand that a staffie job can wear one down to the point where even thinking of jokes becomes a joyless, tiring experience, but have some pride!

    7. Anonymous7:16 pm

      So is there anyone from Imagine (apart from Sam) in this list or are we all just considered ugly gits?

    8. Things cunts say: Indeed.

      I can't stop starting sentences with "indeed". Just seems to add to the flow, but doesn't really add anything other than word count.

      But I can't stop. I just can't.

    9. I said "add" too many times. That's something else this cunt obviously says.