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    Thursday, July 03, 2008

    Joint 26th Least Hideous: Andy Robinson, Daniel Emery & Quintin Smith

    In 26th place, we have three journos who all have a connection to Future in some way – one as an employee, and two with freelance history. A lot of people still think Dan Emery writes this blog, although other names have been added to the list over the years. We’ve always found it funny how he’s pleasant and friendly to us over email, but slags us off when he’s talking about us to other people. But maybe we’re just making that up to throw you off the scent. Or maybe it’s a double-bluff. Or a triple-bluff, etc.

    Anyway, here’s what you’re all waiting for: it’s today’s gripping episode of Things Cunts Say. Today, reader DX reveals another thing that’s said. By cunts.

    "As in some other magazines I could mention."

    Yes, but you never fucking do, do you? Instead, you're quite happy to rest on the laurels that at least half the retarded chavs reading your mag will clench anally in rapturous self-satisfaction, as they briefly believe that what they're reading is the best of the bunch, despite the fact that they've never read anything other than whatever arse-towel they're holding while delighting in the scent of their own morning gravy.

    Congratulations, Andy Robinson, Daniel Emery & Quintin Smith – The RAM Raider salutes you!


    1. Anonymous9:45 am

      Things cunts say: anything on

    2. Anonymous5:57 pm

      Ooh, burn!!!