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    Thursday, July 31, 2008

    The Least Hideous Games Journalist / Industry Person 2008: Tom Bramwell

    “I must be number one. It's the only explanation. Either that or I'm a fat ugly oaf.”

    So said the fairly reliable editor of the Unreliable Eurogamer, Tom Bramwell, to us a few weeks ago. You’re not an oaf, Tom – you’re the least hideous games journalist / industry person in the world. Well, the UK at least.

    Scoring an unbelievable 9.9, a score that’s rarely awarded outside of the pages of Officially Corrupt Xbox 360 Magazine after money’s changed hands, we can now assert with confidence and certainty that Bramwell is only slightly less good than GTA4, Super Mario Galaxy and Puzzle Series Vol. 5: Slitherlink.

    We’ll extract some words from Bramwell and put them up here after we’ve revealed the least hideous woman.

    Congratulations, Tom Bramwell – you’re the official and definitive least hideous games journalist / industry person of all time, ever! The RAM Raider whole-heartedly salutes you, sir.


    1. Anonymous9:42 am

      but he's got tits!

    2. I'm so right. And I took that photo.

    3. Anonymous10:21 am

      "you’re the least hideous games journalist / industry person in the world. Well, the UK at least."

      Well, out of the ones you know well enough. If you're going to narrow it down might as well go all the way.

    4. Tom Bramwell is my favourite games journo and I'm not afraid who knows it.

    5. The RAID Rammer12:50 pm

      Things cunts say;

      "Here at [shitty magazine] towers..."

      What you REALLY mean is "Here at our tiny corner of a soulless open plan office..."

    6. Kristan Reed1:00 pm

      Tom Bramwell is my favourite Editor at Eurogamer. Even if he did nearly drive me insane in 2005 with his curious love for Ben Folds and ability to sing crazy falsetto.

    7. Anonymous1:07 pm

      Has his finished rating his Facebook friends list yet? Yes, he's finished. Phew!

    8. Anonymous1:59 pm

      Well, I call foul on the whole affair - clearly, the voting's been rigged once people found out where it was taking place.

      After all, if justice had been done, Ed Zitron would clearly have won. He's got such a pretty mouth.

    9. That's actually a line I use in interviews - "I've got a pretty mouth."

      I'm willing to use it, people.