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    Wednesday, August 06, 2008

    Edge Blows Freelance Budget By Missing Print Deadline

    Every year, Future responds to its ever-decreasing circulation figures by reducing the number of editorial pages in its magazines, and slashing their freelance budgets forcing more of the work to be done in-house. Most magazines respond to this by being extra frugal with their budgets, usually by making sure the majority of it goes on jobs for the boys in the shape of staffers on other mags, or mates of the section editors. Not Edge, though.

    According to Anonymous Knight Hay Nonny, the latest issue of Edge (the one with the shit Microsoft cover) missed its print deadline and racked up a juicy fine in the process:

    “Edge have been ignoring the lovely soft deadlines most magazines try to adhere to, aiming instead for the diamond-sharp deadlines which, once crossed, mean that printing presses are left idle while they wank off 2,000 words about Radiant Silvergun.

    They are getting fined £500 an hour. That’s a freelance budget gone in less than half a day. It must be lovely being special. Arrogant cunts.”

    Some digging unearthed an Anonymous Knight from within the Edge encampment who verified the story, and explained that the mag sailed past its deadline because it was waiting on stuff from E3. Another Anonymous Knight confirmed that the latest Edge was indeed behind its print schedule.

    Interestingly, when we asked the 9th least hideous games journalist, Chief-Editor-In-Chief-Editor-In-Chief Tony Mott, to comment, he denied it:

    “That’s pretty funny. No, it’s not true. It’s brightened my day, though.”

    Well, that's alright then.


    1. Anonymous9:49 am

      'Magazine misses deadline'

      Scathing journalism there, Rammy. It's like The Cook Report or something. I can already hear Future's foundations crumbling.

      The Cock Report, more like. (you're a cock.)

    2. Anonymous1:55 pm

      I've been given commissions and then, a day into them, been asked to send them back because "there's no budget left"

      They'll happily fine any freelance who misses his/her deadlines, yet they can't keep their own house in order. Fucking hypocrites.

    3. Anonymous4:50 pm

      "Sailed past" surely?

    4. Anonymous 3: Well spotted, and duly corrected. I've really got to stop writing this blog blotto.

    5. Anonymous1:03 am

      I really wish Edge were that hot. Martin. I know you're reading this. WORK THE FUCK OUT.

      And you, Stanton.

    6. Anonymous1:56 pm

      Edge's freelance budget is £500? That's just as wrong as your other claim -- and even funnier.

      Thank you for keeping us amused on a Thursday.

      But please stop sending me emails.

      Tony Mott

    7. Anonymous2:00 pm

      Also, to anonymous poster number two: not by this magazine, you haven't.

      Tony Mott

    8. Anonymous2:42 pm

      You mis-read the post, Tony.

      "They are getting fined £500 an hour. That’s a freelance budget gone in less than half a day."

      So that'd be about £2k freelance budget.

    9. Anonymous4:03 pm

      Hey Tony,

      If you're reading this, I'd just like to let you know that you're doing your magazine WRONG. That's why nobody buys it, or any gaming magazines anymore. Make them more interesting and less full-of-bollocks. And stop sucking PR company cock. Cheers.

    10. Your Mum's Fat Arse5:32 pm

      This groundless fallacy that all games magazines are 'sucking PR cock' has become one of those things idiots on the internet take for granted and say without questioning.

      How about this; present us with some actual evidence that Edge are actively sloshing a publisher's balls around in their mouths.

      Or, alternatively, continue to talk about stuff you have NO understanding of whatsoever, based entirely on what the pubescent conspiracy theorists at NeoGAF and Stuart Campbell think.

      You stupid fucking cunt.

    11. Anonymous7:47 pm

      Hmm, half a day is about 12 hours isn't it, which would actually make the budget around 6k, probably a bit nearer the mark.

    12. Barry Shitpeas10:08 pm

      Going by the quality of Edge and the amount of corporate cock stroking/ball swilling they have to do, half a day is about 20 minutes.

    13. Rev. Stuart Campbell10:41 pm

      As a man of almost 41, it's rather charming to be described as "pubescent". Thanks, fat arse!

    14. Anonymous11:58 pm

      It seems I have hit a raw nerve there, fat arse. Been licking some PR balls today have you? I hope you slipped a finger in his arsehole as well. It's nice.

    15. Your Mum's Fat Arse9:10 am

      I was calling the NeoGAF 'crew' pubescent. We all know you're a decrepit has-been dining on past glories, Stu.

      Sometimes I think about your wilted flat top and I shed a single, milky tear.

    16. Anonymous9:15 am

      The Edge team aren't arrogant. I was a bit intimidated when I first met them though. But that guy is right, they aren't as hot as the gay gentlemen up there. (I don't mean Stuart Campbell.)

    17. Anonymous9:19 am

      Personally, I don't think it really matters if EDGE are PR ball-nibbling or not, the fact remains it's a pretentious, dull, idea barren cuntfest of a magazine, and I'm amazed they still manage to sell any copies. If they're not sucking PR cock, they're certainly sucking each other off.

      Honestly, is it fun to work for EDGE? It's so dull I imagine stacking shelves is more stimulating.

      Burn down all of the magazines I say, and bring one out that is actually entertaining, funny, and not up its own arse.

    18. Anonymous5:45 pm

      I work on the same floor as Edge. They are very noisy.

    19. I refute the notion that gay men have a chair fixation.

    20. Anonymous12:20 pm

      Just because they missed a deadline doesn't mean they've lost anything from their editorial budget.

      They'll make up the missing cash by charging an extra few grand for next month's glossy advertorial / cover feature.