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    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    Games Media Awards: Who’s Worth Voting For

    The shortlist for the GMAs is out, and brilliantly, everyone we nominated has made it. Well, nearly everyone. We always knew it was a long shot, particularly as we were up against large commercial sites and their writers that attract readerships which eclipse our own. You might remember that our goal was to have all three of our fans vote for us. Amazingly, we have it on good authority that they did, and more besides. The fact that anyone would nominate us genuinely means a huge amount, and we’d like to thank each and every one of you who voted for us – The RAM Raider salutes you.

    And for those of you that keep asking – had we made it to the shortlist, we would have turned up as RR in an anonymising costume.

    Anyway, now that sentimental shite’s out the way, here’s a list of who’s up for an award. We’ve italicised who you should consider voting for, and asterisked our own personal choices:

    Games Magazine
    Games TM ***
    PC Gamer
    Official Nintendo Magazine
    Official PlayStation Magazine
    Xbox World
    (What no Officially Corrupt Xbox 360 Mag? Wonders never cease)

    Games Website
    Videogaming 24/7 ***
    Rock, Paper, Shotgun
    GameSpot UK
    IGN UK

    Specialist Games Writer – PRINT
    Jon Blyth (PC Zone) ***
    Rick Porter (Games TM)
    Tom Francis (PC Gamer)
    Joel Snape (PlayStation Official Magazine)
    Ben Talbot (Official Xbox Magazine)
    Alex Wiltshire (Edge)

    Specialist Games Writer – ONLINE
    Tom Bramwell (Eurogamer) ***
    Pat Garratt (VG 24/7)
    Guy Cocker (GameSpot)
    Matt Cundy (Games Radar)
    Gary Cutlack (Shiny Media)
    Ellie Gibson (Eurogamer)

    Mainstream Magazine Games Writer
    National Newspaper – best games coverage
    Regional Games Columnist

    Don’t give a shit

    Games Broadcast
    One Life Left (Resonance FM) ***
    Johnny Minkley (Radio 1)
    Gadget Show
    Games Night (Sky/
    GameSpot UK Podcast

    Rising Star
    Ed Zitron (PC Zone) ***
    Luke Anderson (Gamespot)
    Michael Gapper (Xbox World 360)
    Simon Miller (X360)
    Chris Scullion (Official Nintendo Magazine)
    Richard Stanton (Edge)

    Games Media Legend
    The recipient of the Games Media Legend award will be announced on the night after consultation with a panel of industry and media experts. There is no voting on this category.
    (We’re supporting Stuart Campbell for this one)

    So there you go. Even if you couldn’t give a fuck about who you’re voting for, there are people on this list who cannot and must not win. So cut and paste the following, and send it in to Dave Roberts at

    Hi Dave!

    I hereby vote for the magnificent Jon Blyth (who was robbed last year), his lad Zitron, big boy Bramwell, slightly-amateurish-but-at-least-they’re-trying One Life Left, the quality at the expense of spelling guys at VG247, and the better-than-Edge GamesTM.

    Thanks, Dave!

    Giddyup, Anonymous Knights. And if all this is too bland for you, fear not, for the RR Awards 2008 are approaching…


    1. Anonymous5:21 pm

      Can't believe magazines like Games Master and Xbox World are actually regarded as better than Retro Gamer. This makes me very sad.

    2. Anonymous5:52 pm

      whats so wrong about RPS?

    3. I'm aiming for SavyGamer to be nominated next year.

      I agree with the majority of your choices.

    4. Anonymous1:14 am

      I hereby graciously accept Rammy's decision not to back me, and put it down to the likelihood of us having never met. Had we done so, I'm sure s/he'd have been charmed by my thick Scottish brogue and my love for the good old days of gaming when Sensible Golf and Brutal Sports Football were the "in" thing, long before they were cruelly abandoned by time.

      Anyway, always nice to just be nominated so I'm not that bothered in the long run. :-)

      Chris Scullion
      Official Nintendo Mag

    5. Anonymous2:08 am

      I can't believe you're recommending Games TM, Rammy. Yes, it's not Edge, but have you actually read the thing? It's full of the kind of errors you usually rip to pieces on these here pages, and the previews are nothing more than re-written press releases.

      Imagine fucked it up.

    6. sinister agent1:46 pm

      I am another who still doesn't understand what your problem with RPS is exactly.

    7. Done. Agree though, Retro Gamer should be in there...

    8. Anonymous11:50 am

      It kind of shows how narrow your focus is, Rammy, that you don't care about the valiant efforts of mainstream press writers trying to open things up a bit to a readership approximately 100 times what any of the specialist press manages.

      There's some genuinely good stuff in there.

    9. Anonymous2:36 pm

      AK4, I have to question whether or not you actually read GamesTM, or if instead you spend five minutes flicking through it in WH Smiths, looking at the pictures and mulling over how long it'll be 'til your next bowel movement?

      I only ask because if you actually sat down and read an issue, one fact that is immediately clear, is that the writers don't even read fucking press releases. Do you get press releases? Do you read them? Do you have any basis for comparison? No.

      It's nice to see you pull out such an ancient argument for your case; one that you no doubt read somewhere in the brief for a staff writer job circa 2003 - that you single-handedly failed to attain. Borrowing other people's opinions never works: a)Because your wording is obviously not your own. b)Because you're talking about one of the only mags out there that doesn't waste their time on press releases and actuaqlly takes the time to get their info directly from the source - yes, they've actaully heard of telephones; something that is not only fact, but could be assertained just as easily by actually READING the magazine at the pointed end of your playground spazzing. And c) You're a cunt.

      Love and kisses


      PS. Good choices there Rammy.

    10. Anonymous9:44 am



    11. Anonymous2:50 pm

      DX - Perhaps I should have clarified. What I mean was, GamesTM previews always read like their press releases - as in, they're stupidly optimistic beyond any kind of reason, contain very little facts or experience from actually playing any preview code, and are assembled by looking at screenshots and checking out the game's page on Wikipedia.

      I'm sure all the magazines do it (to an extent), but it's just a little bit more obvious in Games TM. Comparing this mag to Edge - whatever people might think of Edge - is laughable when the former has the insight of a 15 year old spunking over games trailers on Xbox Live and is run by a joke of a publisher for who Retro Gamer is the only success, purely because they put someone who actually knows what they're doing in charge.


    12. Anonymous7:54 am

      Keith Ainsworth is the true Retrogamer in my eyes. ^_^

    13. Hi RAM, this is Dave Cook here, Scotland's nominee for best Regional Columnist this year.

      Do you actually have any idea how difficult it is to be an independent game columnist in a country where the mainstream press discounts the game industry at almost every opportunity?

      If you did, then you would give a shit. Keeping regional interests alive fills the gaps the mainstream press overlooks.

      All of the nominees in this category deserve immense praise for keeping up which is generally a thankless and difficult job. I am just happy to be nominated.

      Dave Cook - The Scotsman & features editor at Square-Go Magazine