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    Friday, August 01, 2008

    The Least Hideous Female Games Journalist / Industry Person 2008: Suzy Wallace

    As the worthwhile and enduring quests of feminist commentators have rightfully taught us, women in the games industry are to be admired, nay, celebrated for their competence and ability to exist exclusive of the menace of the patriarchy, and are not to be objectified as attracters of the illicit desires of evil man. And so it gives us great pleasure to recognise the qualities exemplar in the young(ish) Miss Wallace, which includes serving PC Zone’s needs by reviewing racing games for four years before bringing her razor sharp acumen and slightly earthy language to the gender enlightened world of PR. It must never be forgotten that it is these virtues that should be associated with young ladies within the industry, so as to avoid unnecessarily debasing their intrinsic rights to persist unencumbered by the tyranny of narrow-thinking chauvinists.

    She also has cracking tits.

    Congratulations, Suzy Wallace – you’re the official and definitive least hideous female games journalist / industry person of all time, ever! The RAM Raider salutes you.


    1. Anonymous9:51 am

      Suzy's a great laugh but you're undermining her by claiming she's merely entered the "gender enlightened world of PR". She's also a Production Assistant.

      If you're going to be a sleaze and judge people on how "cracking" their tits are, at least get your facts right while you do it so that people only have one excuse to hate you instead of two.

    2. Anonymous10:22 am

      So what happens now?

      Also, you can't just say she's got excellent tits, and then show us a picture that doesn't back up your claim.

    3. Anonymous1:51 pm

      Suzy is a bloody good girl, tits or otherwise. If she'd lost to that Pratchett harpy I'd have shit a brick.

    4. Anonymous 1: If you're going to get all pissy about someone being criticised, make sure they actually are being criticised. Cunt.

      Anonymous 2: Yes, sorry about that. If you pick up a back issue of PC Zone, that should "serve" your "needs".

    5. Anonymous3:07 pm

      There's quite a few photos of Suzy on Flickr, if you're that interested.

    6. Anonymous3:33 pm

      Um... thanks?!?!?

      Although I'm kind of offended that I'm referred to as a PR person. Please! I know how to answer my phone AND email!

      I'm impressed that you got a picture of me drunk (a rare enough occasion - damn you Facebook) but slightly disappointed that you then didn't mention the fact that that was the night I repeatedly shouted out that my assistant publisher was a cunt. Ah, happy days...


    7. Anonymous11:56 am

      Suzy if you ever read this, have you got your arse involved with iRacing yet?


    8. Anonymous8:26 am

      link the flickr pix bro

      and what's her gamer tag?


      working on a pc gaming magazine must be pretty hideous for a young woman, let's face it
      most of those pasty faced depeche mode worshippers have never seen curves offline that weren't shaped by a nvidia/'g' force whateverthefuck it's called