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    Monday, October 20, 2008

    The Archive Of Biffo

    “After such a blinding start, our only worry is that he’ll run out of steam sooner or later.”

    So we said back in March 2006 about the newly launched blog of ex-Digitiser legend Mr Biffo, aka Paul Rose. He never did run out of steam, although his daily serving of brilliance did fall victim to his attempt to erase himself from the internet earlier this year.

    If you miss reading the excellent prose of Rose, an archive of his blog covering November 2006 through to the blog’s end in January 2008 can be found here. It may not be topical anymore, but it’s still just as readable and hilarious as it always was.

    EDIT: Literally whilst we were typing this, someone posted this comment to Biffo’s entry in the Top 50 Least Hideous Games Journalists:

    “Why has Biffo deleted most of his net stuff about him on the net? I can't find mention of it anywhere. I just went to his website and it now has no content apart from floggin’ books. Is it so he can be seen as a more respectable writer? moc moc a moc etc etc etc. At one time you could regularly meet him and play him and paintball and that. It all seems so sad. Sniff. Sniffuss.”


    1. What kind of weirdo done this?!
      Also: I imagine this'll send him into hissy fit overload. :(

    2. Anonymous1:19 pm

      I've been wondering the exact same thing. Where did Biffo go?

      Any ideas Rammy?


    3. Anonymous2:11 pm

      Biffo probably fucked off as a result of getting sick of a small bunch of tedious, bitter cunts slagging him off and stirring up shit for him at every opportunity, probably because of some perceived sleight when he dared do what he wanted on his own forum.

      Anyone annoyed by this should probably send a letter of complaint addressed to "Self-important miserable cunts" c/o the World of Champions forum, where years later they're still carping on about the Board of Biffo. That is when they're not trying to pull the same shit with Stu Campbell, saying smugly how much they now hate whatever it is they liked a week earlier, or fawning over some half-arsed drawing one of them has crapped out.

    4. dan de la peche5:48 pm

      Breathe, man!

      I miss Biffo. I did however see Paul Rose in the credits for Eastenders the other day, and he's written for it before, so...

      I hope he's alright. Just write in, Paul, let me know you're safe. I miss the smell of you on my pillows.

    5. Anonymous11:11 am

      It is all the World Of Champion's fault. I hope they all die or something.

    6. Hello "Anonymous"! We could really use some of that hate on our internet hate forum "World of Champions"! You'd fit right in :)

    7. Anonymous12:57 pm

      World of Champions stabbed my mum.

    8. Surely Biffo is just stuck on a particularly tricky bit of his tax return.

      I expect he'll be back in action soon and will fire up the old Biffo blog again.

    9. Anonymous4:08 pm

      World of Champions filled out my tax return wrongly, and then burned my tax return!

    10. Anonymous8:00 pm

      World of Champions shouted at my mother and then bought her a pie made out of lint.

    11. Anonymous4:58 pm

      HAHAAH WoC is dead funny.

      A PIE?! Made out of LINT?!

      Proper random!

    12. Anonymous11:48 pm

      Neg here, Biffo died because everyone said the nastiest stuff you could possibly say about him apart from me!!! I hope your all happy for what you have done to Biffo and learn to live with it! X