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    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    Get A (Properly) Free Kratos Code For LittleBigPlanet

    You might have heard about Official PlayStation Magazine, or OPM, or OPSM, or whatever the fuck they’re calling themselves these days, hawking a download code for a Kratos Sackboy costume for Little Big Planet, or LittleBigPlanet, or littleBIGplanet, or whatever the fuck it’s calling itself these days, with the current issue of the mag. The problem there lies in said mag costing six quid for a collection of reviews that read like press releases, hot news such as Life With PlayStation being delayed (its release last month is obviously just an elaborate hallucination), and a disc containing EXCLUSIVE demos that can’t be found ANYWHERE ELSE, especially not for free on PSN, including… umm, so anyway…

    Basically, Fuck-Up Future has done it again by forgetting to put codes in most of the mags. A steady stream of emails and phone calls has been fielded by Monmouth Street since the issue hit, and the job of placating the disgruntled readers who have paid six quid for a slap in the face has fallen to Rachel Weber. As well as clearing up what the fuck an “Agenda Editor” actually does, this means you can sweep in and take advantage of Fuck-Up Future’s fuck up.

    If you fancy a free Kratos code for LPB, all you have to do is telephone the Monmouth Street switchboard on 01225 442244 or email and make out you’ve bought a copy of issue 24 (November 2008) of the mag that’s mysteriously codeless. There’s a chance they’ll ask you for a copy of your receipt (especially after this has been posted up here), but all you have to do is point out the obvious fact that nobody in their right mind keeps receipts for mags. You’ll lose nothing if Future don’t honour it, but too many readers have complained already for them not too.

    So go for it.


    1. Don't say "Fuck-Up Future". It makes you sound like the sort of ghastly twat who says, "Bottler Brown" or "Broken Britain."

      Obligatory gag: I mean, you know, in a different way than how you usually sound like a ghastly twat.

    2. Anonymous4:28 am

      lolz it worked :P

    3. Anonymous8:27 am

      please, for the love of God i beg could someone send me a kratos code, i pre ordered this from a local store an never got a f%*&ing code! its not fair and not cool, i'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out, my PSN ID is Unknwnenmy or my email:, i'd REALLY REALLY appreciate it

    4. oblivion_hero is my psn id and i need a kratos code too i preordered it but they refused to give me a card and i'm really sad so please help me my email is