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    Tuesday, November 04, 2008

    RR Awards Corruption SCANDAL

    We’ve received a few messages from our Anonymous Knights suggesting we disqualify one particular games website for vote rigging. One Anonymous Knight moaned about them asking their readers for votes, but we couldn’t really give a shit about that. Someone else said several of the anonymous votes were submitted by the same person. We’ve had a look at the IP tracking, and can see that they’re right (although how the fuck they knew is beyond us).

    So, should we disqualify them, not count the votes that we definitely know are from the same person, or just count all the votes as normal? They’re your awards, so you decide.

    (We tried to add a poll to this, but it didn’t work because BlogSpot is a GREAT BIG PILE OF UNHOLY FUCKING SHIT. So you’ll just have use the comments box. Signed in, though. Obviously…)


    1. Jonny1:08 am

      Yay for vote rigging! I vote for my site. Again.

    2. er, Dave1:12 am

      I vote for his site, too! It's dead good.

    3. Smith Smitherton1:13 am

      Totally agree with those guys up there ^^

    4. I hope the Daily Mail exposes you and your "phonein" for the money scam it is, you cunt.

      Also: Don't count the dupes, but count the swampers.

    5. So it is4:31 pm

      Don't disqualify all the votes - just divide them by how many IPs they used. I think that's democratic.

    6. I vote for the Daily Mail. In all categories.

      Including best supporting actress.

    7. Anonymous12:27 am

      Automatically redirect their votes to the Cunt award.