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    Tuesday, November 25, 2008

    RR Least Disastrous Magazine 2008: NGamer

    Although the majority of the votes in this category largely came from journos nominating their own mags (don’t mention who they are, or they’ll all be sacked), few would disagree with the winner.

    “I know you'd rather develop testicular cancer than read a Future Publication but this is the best mag out there.”
    Anonymous Knight, via email

    A note for the stupid: Our regular readers will know this already, but a few gormless cunts are getting confused with the, let’s face it, not especially complicated terminology we use on the blog. Just for the record, anyone who contributes to the site or asks us to leave their name out without thinking up a suitable pseudonym is referred to as an Anonymous Knight.

    If you’re one of the several people to have commented or emailed us assuming that “Anonymous Knight” is just one person, then board a float and commence your Christmas tour of the nation’s town centres so the populace can applaud the world’s thickest cunt.

    Other notable nominations:

    PC Zone, home of many freelancers on account of all the staff writers (aside from the Odd Irish Kid) recently walking out:

    And trade rag MCV:

    “Has its problems, but they're less numerous than all that Future dross.”
    Anonymous Knight, via email

    Interesting trivia about MCV: Two (count ‘em) of their staff writers (mentioning no names, Andrew Wooden and Tim Ingham) emailed threats to sue us for libel after one of their colleagues was nominated for the RR Couldn’t-Write-His-Way-Out-Of-A-Paper-Bag Writer 2008 award last week. Honestly.


    1. I should probably try reading a print mag at some point.

      It feels so quaint.

    2. Once again Rammy fails on basic research.

      If you'd even bothered to double check – really, it's not that hard; you've heard of Google, right? – you'd have realised that neither of them are staff writers and only Tim works on MCV – as associate editor.

      Andrew on the other hand is the editor of PC retail, which as I'm sure you can see and comphrend – you can can't you – that it isn't MCV.

      You might think we – 'the Bath Elitorati' – are a bunch of cunts, but at least we know how to research properly.

      Be very careful Mr Raider. Some of us know who you are and we know sure as a fly to shit, Mr Binns would be to your desk with your P45 quicker than you can say 'lickity split, I'm full of shit'.

    3. Man this feels like an episode of the X files (or Lost). A shadowy organisation based out of bath manipulating the entire games magazine industry?

      Rammy would want to make sure no one is wire-tapping his phone or monitoring his PC.

    4. Anonymous10:01 am

      Nothing like an anonymous thinly-veiled threat made over the internet to make you look like a big man.

    5. Anonymous12:28 pm


      I'm gonna kick your head in.

    6. Darran Jones12:07 am

      Damn I forgot to vote for Retro Gamer :(

    7. Anonymous5:07 pm

      Research is not really needed, when all you're doing is calling out Andrew Wooden and Tim Ingham as cunts does it.

    8. James, barking into a mobile phole12:21 pm

      So is Ram Raider Ed Zitron or "The Irish One" off of PC Zone? Hope it's the Irish one - I'd love it if there was a simmering cauldron of hate underneath that meek exterior.

    9. I couldn't write a blog every day when I was paid to do so, man.

    10. Anonymous6:38 pm

      The fact Retro Gamer doesn't even get a mention here, despite actually having regular features and decent writing, is a fucking disgrace, Rammy. Hang your head in shame. Or acid.