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    Monday, November 17, 2008

    RR Writer Of Champions 2008: Matthew Castle

    The first of the final RAM Raider Awards goes to a talented chap by the name of Matthew Castle, who does his thing for the unexpectedly consistent NGamer.

    Some may wonder what his secret is, most specifically the types of journos who think the mystical grail at the heart of games writing is thrashing their thesauruses as vigorously as their cocks until their third eye expectorates two pages that look more like poetry corner than a description of what a game’s like.

    The secret isn’t actually a secret at all – he just describes games clearly and authoritatively, and throws in a few gags. Is that so much to ask, you cod-philosophising twat-mongers?

    Here’s what some of the readers had to say about him:

    “He's painfully, unfairly, cuntingly good at what he does. And he looks like a nerd. I don't trust any videogame journalist that isn't a pale, bespectacled streak of piss.”
    Anonymous Knight, via email

    “He's already a great writer and only just out of school by the looks of it. Though he is shit at playing games.”
    Anonymous Knight, via blog

    “He really is brilliant, almost effortlessly so, and his genuine passion makes him a pleasure to work with (I'm sure it'll beaten out of him in time). Also, it would massively embarrass him if he won, but he'd be secretly pleased.”
    Anonymous Knight, via Facebook

    Interesting Trivia: We would tell you who a couple of those Anonymous Knights are, but we know that their jobs with Future Publishing would be threatened if they publicly associated with us. Seriously. Future’s pettiness knows no bounds.

    Castle had an impressive majority, but in second place with a still considerable share of the vote was Kieron Gillen.
    “Kieron Gillen. No, really.”
    Anonymous Knight, via blog

    Other nominations of note included our personal favourite, Jon “Log” Blyth, The Unreliable Eurogamer’s GMA winner Ellie Gibson, and her editor, Least Hideous Games Writer Tom Bramwell.

    The voting will stay open for all the other categories right up until they’re announced on here, so there’s still time to nominate.


    1. Log, robbed AGAIN. There really is no fucking justice.

    2. Anonymous11:56 am

      A games journalist looking from the inside... back in again again - you're the Michael Finnegan of games. Isn't there meant to be more to this blogwhine than your redundant ceremonies and awkward attempts to make it into some non-existent inner circle?

    3. Whoops! Someone is jealous they didn't win an award then!

      You could make some nice Blogwhine with those sour blog-grapes.

    4. dan de la peche12:39 am

      I like how many people come here just to moan about the blog. Twats.

    5. Poor old Log. When will his awesomeness be recognised? Also, who voted for that chump Gillen?

    6. I prefer my position as the perpetual loser. I much prefer pity to resentment. My only hope is that going freelance will allow me to underperform in other categories.

      Losing so often as a specialist games writer feels like I can't even get it up for a wank.

    7. Anonymous11:58 am

      "I like how many people come here just to moan about the blog. Twats."

      My favourite is your mum's fat arse. He's like the Ram Raider's similarly evil twin. I wish they'd just fuck.

    8. Anonymous4:29 pm

      log should have won.