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    Saturday, December 13, 2008

    RR Game Least Likely To Induce Suicide 2008: Fable 2

    Despite not being as good a year for games as last year, despite what they tell you, there’s still been some quality amongst the overhyped, overmarketed and overrated shit that’s hoodwinked so many mags and sites. Last year’s nearly perfect FPS puzzler Portal is handing over the title to the British action-RPG Fable 2.

    Unlike Portal, Fable 2 isn’t close to perfection. Yet it’s managed to transcend some of its clunkier elements, such as the numerous glitches and the shallow NPC interaction, to bring the solid questing and sharp controls together into a brilliantly addictive whole. Although this doesn't affect the game, it’s disappointing that Lionhead fucked the limited edition package and think everyone believes them when they try and argue that by “mid-December” they actually meant the quite-late-in-the-month December 22nd, but couldn’t be arsed to say anything until the day before they’d claimed the DLC was being released.

    “Fable 2, seriously I’ve only been playing for a day and it’s already my favourite game of the year.”
    Anonymous Knight, via comments

    “A true example of the bugs not mattering. Molyneux done good. For once.”
    Anonymous Knight, via email

    Or, if you’re The Daily Mail:

    “If you were to imagine playing a Sims character within a fantasy adventure full of side missions and surprises you would be heading in the right direction.”
    James O’Brien, via Ridiculous Statements Masquerading As Games Journalism

    The runners up list includes the hateful FIFA 09:

    “Against all the odds, it’s FIFA 09. It’s actually really good. I’ve bought and played PES every year since the first one came out, but even I now admit that it’s gone to shit and the yanks have bettered it. Sad but true.”
    Anonymous Knight, via email

    Also, Crysis Warhead, Braid, and Armageddon Empires. That last one amazingly wasn’t the most obscure nomination we received, as Mount & Blade got a vote. There’s a fairly good chance you won’t have played it, which isn’t surprising considering it’s quite a specialist action-RPG. It is unexpectedly good though, so have a crack on the demo if wielding a lengthy weapon whilst astride something sweaty and brown with a gigantic dick is your thing.

    “Mount & Blade. Very rough around the edges, and still full of poorly-implemented features that should have been left out entirely, still generally trying to do more than it really should, but fuck, it’s still so much goddamn fun to run around hacking people up. There’s never been better sword and bow combat in a game, never mind the horses. Even after about two years, I still find myself staying up until 4am and roaring with triumph when I lodge a javelin in a charging knight’s head, then make off with his horse, giggling. This is what swordy games should have been from the start.”
    Sinister Agent, via comments


    1. I have played World of Goo since I voted, and I would have probably voted for that too.

    2. Armageddon Empires is totally more obscure than Mount & Blade. Mount & Blade is in boxes in shops. Armageddon Empires is still only available to bearded men on the internet. AWESOME INTERNET MEN.

      (Also, came out in 2007, but it getting another plug is far more important than pedantry)


    3. Anonymous6:20 pm

      Fuck off, Braid.