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    Tuesday, December 09, 2008

    RR Most Disgustingly Inept Blog / Personal Website 2008: SavyGamer

    Most would be satisfied with scoring a landslide victory with just one award. Not SavyGamer though, oh no. Laughing in the face of picking up the RR Unwankiest Blog / Personal Website 2008 Award, the discount-seeking blog has claimed, by a huge margin, the RR Most Disgustingly Inept Blog / Personal Website 2008 into the (yes!) bargain.

    “I’m voting Savygamer for the Most Disgustingly Inept Blog category. First the author begged his readers to create a Wikipedia entry for him. When everyone thought that was a really dumb idea, he’s now begging for RAM Raider votes. Rather sad really.”
    Anonymous Knight, via comments

    “Fuck those ‘Savygamer’ cunts above, and give them Most Disgustingly Inept Blog 2008. And don’t give them a functioning link.”
    Anonymous Knight, via comments

    Bringing up the rear is the former Boomtown editor’s ongoing effort to rape the corpse of Digitiser on a daily basis.

    “Could I nominate the entire team behind the god-awful wank fest that is Game Central on Teletext. They seem to spend most of their time asking the few readers they have for help. FFS!!!”
    Anonymous Knight, via comments

    “I’d like to vote in Game Central for being a load of shite. I’ve been reading for over ten years now, and they should have stopped it when Paul Rose quit. Not that it’s trying to BE digitiser, but holy fuck, it’s really not good.”
    Dan de la Peche, via comments

    Other notable (if that’s the right word) nominations included Game Over Yeah, CSNation and RPGpundit.


    1. Haha, controversial I guess.

      Thanks to everyone who voted for SavyGamer for the good one.

    2. Anonymous12:07 am

      I know it's too late but Insert Credit is so fucking pretentious and up its own arse that I could barely believe my eyes when I read their Panzer Dragoon Orta review.

      I went there looking for a video review but left entirely confused at what I had just read.

      Come to think of it, is it even about video games, or is it just THAT wanky ?