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    Monday, December 01, 2008

    RR Most Hateful Cunt-Rag Of A Magazine 2008 (Sponsored By Edge): Nintendo Official Magazine

    Unless you’re a suited old cunt who thinks Nuts is the pinnacle of periodical history to be aspired to, yet works overseeing Future Publishing’s games rags, it’ll come as no surprise that the “official” mags led the voting for the cunt-rag category (sponsored by Edge). Winning by a narrow margin is NGamer’s antichrist, ONM:

    “Most Hateful Cunt-Rag Of A Magazine 2008: Nintendo Official Magazine (ONM). Reads as if a child wrote it. It's just one big advertisement for Nintendo and the bias is ridiculous.”
    Anonymous Knight, via comments

    Kicking off the notable runners-up list (also sponsored by Edge) is Sony’s very own monthly marketing bulletin:

    “I've recently picked up a copy of Official PlayStation Magazine. I've discovered why Sony don't need to advertise their games or the PS3 in the conventional way. It's because they can charge us £6 for it instead and pass it off as journalism. I think every page mentioned Little Big Planet, and the game scores barely correlated with the written reviews. Cunts.”
    Anonymous Knight, via email

    Proving that you don’t have to include “official” in the title to be less valued than a shared tampon is the beyond ghastly PSW:

    “PSW – I literally can't tolerate looking at it, let alone reading it.”
    Anonymous Knight, via email

    And the official home of the walkout, PC Zone:

    “I just really, really hate PC Zone. I don't even know why.”

    Anonymous Knight, via comments

    We know why – we just really, really hate the fact that Future has ground it down into a thin comic book that plays second fiddle to the increasingly indulgent PC Gamer.

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