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    Wednesday, December 17, 2008

    RR Sparkling Forum Of Wit And Glory 2008 & RR Forum Full O’ Cunts 2008 (Sponsored By The World Of Stuart)

    After picking up both awards last year, Campbell’s World Of Stuart forums only barely scraped in a single nomination. And even that was half-arsed because of its transformation into a ghost town:

    “I ... I abstain. Sob. I’d vote for WoS, but it’s just been too quiet.”
    Sinister Agent, via comments

    With the World Of Stuart out of the way, the way was cleared for the Unreliable EuroGamer to discard its worthless GMAs and swap them for the far more coveted RR Sparkling Forum Of Wit And Glory 2008 Award:

    “Eurogamer – It’s full of tossers, of course, but there is a core of half-decent folk on there who can maintain a decent conversation.”
    Anonymous Knight, via email

    Other notable nominees included the GamesTM forum, but we couldn’t let that win because it was voted for by the mag’s staff:

    “These dudes know their shizzle. I’ve been using this forum for a while now and not once have I seen the word ‘n00b’.”
    Anonymous Knight, via email was also nominated:

    “A little place known as Formed by ex-members of the UK Gamesradar forums once the cunts at Future decided to fuck them all and concentrate on the USA side of things.”
    Anonymous Platypus, via comments

    And got a vote via email too. Just the one, but a vote nevertheless.

    Which means the award for being the RR Forum Full O’ Cunts 2008 goes to… GameFAQS:

    “The GameFAQS forum makes we retch. This needs no explaining. Simply go there and prepare to long for death.”
    Anonymous Knight, via email

    It’s so bad, it even got mentioned in votes for other forums:

    “GameFAQs is too easy, so I’ll say Something Awful’s games forum.”
    Anonymous Knight, via comments

    And joining the NeoGAF forum in the notable nominations list is the former World Of Champions:

    “World of Champions (now at should get Forum Full O’ Cunts 2008 for being a place specifically created to house the internet’s biggest cunts.”
    Anonymous Knight, via comments


    1. Anonymous10:31 am

      Never mind all that... check out for the most cringeworthy, downright shameful piece of "games journalism" since the Crimean War. I lament the poor "cunsumers" what have to put up with this old gash.

    2. Anonymous5:52 pm

      Christ, I read that BBC article the other day and had managed to forget about it until now. For those too lazy to copy & paste a link, the article in question contains this gem:

      "You need to get a game that lasts more than an hour. With the credit crunch, people are going out less, so you need to get a decent bang for your buck. Platform or fighting games are good; just make sure it's properly interactive."

      It's not even worth beginning to dissect all the cuntiness crammed into that paragraph because it should all be obvious to anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together what's wrong with it. I'm choking on my own fucking rage here just reading it back again.

    3. Anonymous8:28 pm

      World of Champions wasn't a games forum last year, and it isn't a games forum this year.

    4. Anonymous2:08 am

      World of champions isn't even a notable forum. It's specifically an internet hate forum where we talk about enveloping our penises with the loose, flapping skin of our scrotums, gears of war 2 and engage in moderate racism.