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    Monday, December 08, 2008

    RR Unwankiest Blog / Personal Website 2008: SavyGamer

    After spending literally minutes (well, slightly more than one minute) going through our IP logs, we gave up on trying to decipher whether or not SavyGamer’s landslide victory was down to rigging or just an exuberant fan base.

    “I am voting SavyGamer for Unwankiest Blog. They post lots of deals, that’s all I want to see.”
    Ferdy, via comments

    “Sometimes they’re funny, they have good bargains, and the podcast interviews are interesting.”
    Anonymous Knight, via comments

    SavyGamer is exactly what you would imagine it to be if it had an extra “v” in the title – a rundown of the best games deals around on the web. If you’re thinking that sounds suspiciously like a thread from most games forums, you wouldn’t be far off as SavyGamer is apparently from the boards of Penny Arcade. But, to its credit, it’s updated regularly. Its goals appear to be noble enough too, as we can’t see any advertising or favours swapped for press trip deals.

    Which tidily brings us on to the joint runner up: Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Gillen and his Bath Elitorati buddies’ (“but he can’t be described as Bath Elitorati anymore, because he lives in London now and therefore has nothing to do with the Bath mags and all his pack-roaming Bath mates, despite what your two eyes tell you every time you read him in PCG or where the fuck ever”) daily quest to bring you all the news that counts. Assuming all the news that counts includes reheated copy they’ve written for other places, the latest on the T-shirts they’re hawking or the minutiae on the development of a game made by whoever’s flown them somewhere. We love RPS.

    “It’s the only one I bother reading more than once a month (excluding Zero Punctuation, which doesn’t really count). I’d still like to know why you don’t like it, too.”
    Sinister Agent, via comments

    Well, that’s a fair enough question. We guess it’s just down to not really liking the fact that they take something as innocuous as reporting what’s interesting (*what they find interesting) and somehow turn it into an indulgent and vaguely wearing set of essays. Still, we guess one man’s attempt at enthusiastic personality-based journalism is another man’s overly-subjective ready-made somnolence.

    So who is RPS in joint second place with?

    “The Ram Raider. Seriously, everyone else looks like a pretentious cunt in comparison. I’m even having doubts about my own blog for fucks sake. I’m always insanely jealous when I read your entries. Don't. Fucking. Leave.”
    Anonymous Knight, via email

    Aww, shucks…

    Other notables include PEOWW, Robson’s SnappyGamer, and the beyond-excellent news site that tears away its underpants and squirts fiery diarrhoea over the competition,


    1. Bastards!

      I'm genuinely glad you mentioned PEOWW, though.

    2. Awesome PEOWW mention.

    3. bloody hell, me too. thanks Rammy (and Jonny).

    4. sinister agent3:40 am

      Ta for answering that. Taken as a whole, I suppose I would have to say RPS isn't all that amazing, but there's no reason to take it as a whole - you can simply scroll past the stuff that doesn't interest you - and while there may be a lot of self-indulgence, it's at least generally quite interesting self-indulgence a lot of the time, and let's face it, it is a blog after all.

      And for the price, it's bloody good.

    5. Your Mum's Fat Arse9:54 am

      Look at you pathetic fucking worms, wanking each other off in the comments box. You can all fuck off with your shitty no-mark game websites. Peoww, you're a bearded cunt.

    6. Anonymous1:11 pm

      Spread those cheeks, Arse, I've got a finger just for you.