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    Monday, January 12, 2009

    This Is The End

    We’ve overshot our self-imposed deadline as usual, but who’s counting? After three years, eight months, five impotent legal threats, one prediction by Gillen that we’d be found out, no advertising, and a slight overuse of the word “cunt”, we’re done.

    Everything we’ve posted will remain here, and we’ll put up an index so you can jump straight to the “good” stuff if you need an antidote to NGJ or Edge in our absence. We’ll probably keep a few sections updated, so keep checking Things Cunts Say and the pioneering Ridiculous Statements Masquerading As Games Journalism.

    As for us – well, let’s drop the collective terminology for a moment. As for me, I’ll still be on email and Facebook, and I’ll still respond to anything you send me. If you’ve got something juicy, send it anyway and I might post it as part of a one-off when I start missing the blog in six months from now. Or something. Also, apologies if you’ve ever sent anything in the past and I’ve not got back to you. I'm too disorganised to keep abreast of a blog like this.

    There’s not much else to say, other than to address certain people who think they can bully their writers into confessing to writing this blog. You can’t, so stop it.

    (Not every mag I've worked for is in the image above, and one's a red herring.)

    Remain ever vigilant for corruption, incompetence, PR ineptitude, and cunty writing – it’ll never go away, but at least you know what to look out for, and you’ll always have the comments thread to moan about it all.

    Finally, I really can’t thank you enough for the humbling/flattering comments so many of you have given me on the blog, through Facebook, via email, and through your own websites. When I’ve been straining against seventy walls of shit coming down on me after some of the riskier posts, it was always great to see that the whinging vocal minority aren’t as right as they think they are.

    Dearest Anonymous Knights – I’m RAM Raider. Until our paths meet again, I bid you all farewell.

    EDIT: OK, so posting this before breaking the biggest gaming scandal of the year wasn't the best timing, but to clarify - this blog is no longer regularly updated, but will continue to host to one-offs as and when needed. Enjoy.


    1. Well, thank you, I've enjoyed reading Ram Raider, and it will stay in my RSS reader for any future updates.

      Good luck in everything you do in the future.

    2. I only discovered this blog this morning. There's always the archives...

    3. Anonymous7:24 am

      Ram Raider, we salute you!

    4. It's been ace...sad to see you go chap.

    5. sinister agent10:16 am

      It was Gillen all along! Whyayeoughtta....

      Well, thanks for the entertainment, Mr. Raider. It was fun while it lasted.

    6. He'll be back.

      Only next time, he'll be Brock.

    7. dan de la peche2:56 pm

      Oh, this is just like when Biffo left me.

      Still, thanks "Rammy", for the funny posts, the calling people cunts, and for showing me that I actually DON'T want to change careers and become a games journo - I just want to enjoy playing games instead.

      But mainly thanks for the calling people cunts bit. Cunts.

      Cheers! Dan

    8. Thanks for all the excellent comments, on here and through Facebook / email. I'll miss all my Anonymous Knights too.

    9. Great Job! Until next time.

    10. Sorry to see you go, RR.

      Word verification: 'angar'. How apt.

    11. Your Mum's Fat Arse12:48 pm

      The best thing about The Ram Raider was how he used the word 'cunt' so much that it completely lost its edge and meaning, and simply became another tedious nail in the self-fellating prick's coffin.

      WE WILL MISS YOU!!!!!

    12. Cunting fucking shame.
      Only discovered the place quite recently and have been a keen reader for the duration.
      Good work Fella!! And good luck!

      Anyone recommend any other cunts blogs worth a damn?!

    13. Anonymous11:34 am

      @Your mum's fat arse
      If, as according to you, swearwords that have been around for hundreds of years have inexplicably suddenly become worn out damp squibs simply by being used a few times in this blog, what do you suggest people do instead then to describe a cunt? Sign language? Doodles? Or maybe make up some lovely fresh new words?

      Perhaps you'd like to start the ball rolling by making up a word to describe a whining twat who's best attempt at criticism appears to be "oh no, he used the same bad word quite a lot".

      Anyway, RR, sad to see you go.

    14. G-Meister1:56 pm

      How about 'twunt'? It's a cross between a twat and a cunt.

      Or 'lepineb', which is the word I have to type inbefore submitting this post to verify that I'm a real, literate human being. You fucking bunch of fucking lepinebs.

    15. Anonymous9:23 pm

      Mark Ramshaw?

    16. Bye bye Rammy. Our love has been snuffed out to soon.

      Good blog, too. Let's do lunch!

    17. Anonymous10:35 pm

      Well, you really blew the lid off on some big stories in your time! Oh no, wait, you mostly just spent your time making poisonous comments about people who work hard for very little money. Oh well!

    18. Anonymous2:27 am

      Absolute respect Rammy, you had a great innings.

      Who's next up to the mark?

    19. What a fantastic blog - I've only just stumbled upon it, and it's a great (and bloody hilarious) insight into the world of games journalism.

      I've done work experience at countless games mags and now run my own gaming blog... and your blog has been a real eye-opener for me. It's a real credit to both journalism and the games industry, so cheers.

      I look forward to and hope for more posts in the future...

      An Anonymous Knight

    20. Anonymous6:27 pm

      you will be waiting a while then..

    21. Anonymous3:34 pm

      My first thought was Mark Ramshaw too...:) AP forever:)