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    Friday, December 25, 2009

    Merry Christmas

    To the huge amount of you who still read the blog every week despite no more regular updates, and to our Twitter followers, and Facebook friends, and RSS subscribers, and even to the PR husks who keep pretending they’re lots of different anonymous posters – Merry Christmas!

    We’ll probably be back for a fifth anniversary special in April. Until then, the RAM Raider salutes you.


    1. Anonymous1:09 pm

      I am still not a PR husk and I still post anonymously, update and I may again. Hope your Christmas cracker gives you a loverly foil hat to wear you cray-zee bastard.

      Season's deep, penetrating love.

      Anonymous poster.

    2. A tinsel topped turd. How very Rammy.

      Why the lack of posts? What could possibly be more important than games and calling people cunts? Eh?

      Happy new year fella.