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    Monday, April 05, 2010

    Five Years Of Anonymous Trolling

    If you’re anything like us, the last thing you need is a reminder about how old you’re getting, so sorry about this: The RAM Raider is five years old.

    Whether you’ve followed us from day one of the blog’s launch or only discovered us after we ceased regular updates; whether you’ve enjoyed every post or you despise us but keep reading anyway; whether you follow us on the social networks or can’t be arsed because we’re not as funny as we used to be; we hope you’ll join us in our celebration of half a decade of righteous whining propped up by gratuitous mocking as we treat the twitching corpse of our once-glorious blog to a couple of extra-special anniversary updates.

    We’ll be kicking off with a super-special edition of Things Cunts Say, starring the analyst who defies the law of averages by getting the vast majority of his guesses about the future of the games industry totally and utterly wrong.


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