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    Monday, April 11, 2005

    Future Publishing's "Secret" New Logo

    MCV have scored a couple of brownie points by openly defying Future Publishing’s request to keep their crap new logo secret until they’re ready to launch it themselves on 1st June. Of course, MCV would never have had the guts to publish the logo had not beaten them to it, but were at least gracious enough to point out that 69% of Future’s staff agreed that the logo was awful.

    Still, if Future Publishing wants it keeping under wraps, that’s a good enough reason to post it here.


    1. Anonymous5:15 pm

      It really is awful too.
      Rumours abound that the guy who picked it as the winner was... you guessed it! The actual artist who designed the sorry piece of shit!

    2. DazednConfused1:31 pm

      Interesting message it conveys:

      "Future Magazines: They make you sad"

      ...sorry, I'm welling up, I might have to go off and have a weep.