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    Thursday, April 14, 2005

    PC Zone To Become The New PC Gamer?

    The RAM Raider has heard a rumour that the reason Jamie Sefton has been installed as acting editor of PC Zone magazine over at Future Publishing’s London office is that editor Dave Woods is working fulltime on a total redesign of the magazine, presumably in an effort to halt its declining sales.

    PC Zone still has a fearsomely loyal fanbase from its heyday, which is sadly long gone. For a long time now, it’s not so much been a magazine with attitude as a games comic, but will this be rectified?

    Dave Woods has always been a vocal critic of PC Gamer’s stupid and largely pointless Extra Life section, but is ironically planning a section called “Freeplay” that’ll basically emulate Gamer’s pages of glorified look-at-me filling. Only time will tell whether the Zone team can prevent Freeplay from turning into yet another desperate source of irrelevant commentary – has nobody learnt anything from the NGJ debacle?


    1. Anonymous11:33 am

      Check out this month's PC Zone, on the back where they usually have some sort of joke is a brown envelope stamped with "New PC ZONE design" or something similiar and peeking out of the top is clearly PC GAMER's title.


    2. Anonymous2:45 am

      And now Zone #159 is out you'll see that it really DOES look a lot like Gamer. Dave Woods has gone, the mag style has become more like a comic book and, well, it's just not as good as it was. How long before we see a merger 'miraculously' happen???