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    Wednesday, November 30, 2005

    FIFA 06: EA Don’t Want You To Know It’s Shit

    Sharp-eyed readers recently noticed that were forced to pull their review of FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup for Xbox360 because it was embargoed until the 2nd December. As the game is going to be released on the 2nd December, and EG gave it an impressive 2/10, it would be easy to assume that EA would rather you all bought it before reading bad things about it.

    If you’re thinking of buying it, it’s only fair you read EG’s review first, so here it is. (We’ll remove it as soon as EG put it back up on their site)

    (2/12/05 EDIT: EG has put the review back up now the embargo has passed -


    1. To Russia My Homeland3:18 am

      How can EA go from Oddworld: Stranger to this? I know, profits, blah, blah. Well fuck all you games journo, games making cunts. Fuck right off. Stop wasting gamers time and money on shit you dont care about you fucking wankers. I buy your magazines, in that context you work for me and what I want is for you to be honest. Is that too much? Am I overstepping a line? We all have pressures to conform at work, whether it be to a corpaorate cukture or our higher ups opinion, but as journos, telling the truth above all else comes with the territory surely?

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