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    Tuesday, November 22, 2005

    Official Xbox360 Magazine Does “It” Again

    We had it all planned out. We were going to post a huge critique of issue 2 of Official Xbox 360 Magazine. We were going to scream from the tops of our lungs about how painfully obvious it is that their “world exclusive review” of Perfect Dark Zero was written after playing unfinished code. We were going to crow about how the writer hasn’t even been identified, with a crap cartoon image and the name “Justin Thyme” being substituted for his real details because of the wrongdoing. We were even going to ask how Future can justify asking £6 for a magazine that still has a DVD full of video clips instead of playable demos hidden inside the ridiculous box.

    But we’re not going to do that.

    Instead, we’re going to ask the brilliantly talented team behind the magazine (Cutlack! He writes the funny bits of UK:R!) to please put a stop to this nonsense. Let’s have no more “exclusives” derived from unfinished code written by journalists unable to even put their name to them. Tell your bosses at your next meeting that you want honesty in your magazine.

    Is that too much to ask?


    1. Anonymous1:49 am

      Yes it is too much to ask - the suits don't care and the staff are just grateful for the work.

    2. Anonymous11:00 am

      Come on Cuntlack, pull your thumb out of your arse and give Future what for.

    3. Anonymous3:18 pm

      If you are that bloke Emery who writes those truly, truly shite reviews in The Times you should be really ashamed of yourself. Unless they're for your GCSE coursework, in which case, well done!

      Put your own house in order before you criticise others efforts, you dismal clown.

    4. Anonymous4:25 pm


    5. To Russia My Homeland2:47 pm

      What score did PDZ get? I'm sure the cover of the magazine had some sort of 'Halo-beater!' blurb?

    6. Anonymous2:35 pm