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    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    Capcom Are Cunts About Dead Rising

    Yet another multi-million pound corporation doesn’t bother to test its product properly before selling it to you. The result? You can’t read the text in Dead Rising if you’re playing on a normal TV.

    Capcom’s Response: “Due to the amount of text and the size of the patch necessary to change the text, a patch isn't possible for this issue. We had asked the team if it was even possible but ... due to the scope of what a patch would need to cover, it wasn't possible.”

    Translation: “Fuck you.”

    We Say: Take Dead Rising back to the shop and demand a refund – it’s faulty. And slip a note inside the instruction manual that says “Fuck you too, you money-grabbing cunts.”


    1. Yeah, if someone buys this game and doesn't have an HDTV (or a VGA monitor), then they should take it back for a refund (or keep it until they get a new display -- which they will eventually).

      But the game is not faulty. All Capcom needs to do is add a sticker to the box explaining the situation.

      If a company wants to make a game that runs only at a specific resolution, they should be allowed to do so. (Of course this wasn't their intention here, obviously -- this was a fuck up. But that's beside the point.)

      And it's silly to call them “money-grabbing cunts.” What the fuck is that supposed to mean? You expect them to devote a year of their lives making a game for free?

    2. The game can't be played on a TV, so it's faulty.

      I called them money-grabbing cunts because if they weren't, they wouldn't have sat down and thought "it'll cost us a little less to fuck over non-HDTV owners by not releasing a patch."

    3. Anonymous11:45 am

      My personal elitist opinion is that 360 owners without an HDTV are the lowest of the fucking low, are obviously chav scum who think they can embrace the next generation on the cheap and deserve everything they get. Cunts.

      Many 360 games suffer from this problem - online GRAW for instance is pretty much unplayable without HD, certainly you won't be competitive. Oblivion is quite headache-inducing too, with acres of small blurry text to squint over. I don't see any of those games being taken back to the shop.

      PS: I am a troll with a semi-serious point.

    4. I've no HD and yet I can read Oblivion perfectly clearly, and find it easy to read GRAW's text at a friend's house with no HD.

      Capcom are not only greedy, but they're fucking lazy.

      This should have been ironed out during testing, there's no excuse for it, it was lazy and stupid.

    5. Anonymous3:34 pm

      Apparently I'm a cunt who has to spend money on food, rent and giving to charity, rather than just blowing it all on a HDTV...

      What a bastard I's not a semi-serious point at all. It's fine if they want to target HDTV owners....just let non-HD people know.

    6. The text on GRAW isn't the issue, its the size of distant targets being very difficult to see without HD.
      RPGs aren't my thing so I haven't played Oblivion, but a friend splashed out on an HD set as his 'eyes were watering' after long play sessions.
      I mean, yeah you're right, these aren't the same issues as a game being completely unplayable like the DR problem. And yes, I'll be the last person to defend Capcom for a stupid error. Personally I already think they've put their foot in it with DR by creating an awesome sandbox environment and then slapping a fucking time limit on the whole thing - not to mention the broken save system - but there you go.

      btw, wasn't this the exact same problem that 360 King Kong had at launch?

    7. Anonymous2:15 pm

      Incidentally, what nobody seems to have pointed out anywhere is that the text is only unreadable on a normal telly if you use the crappy composite lead that comes with the console. Get an RGB scart lead and it's fine.