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    Thursday, January 31, 2008

    RR Corruption Or Lie Of 2007: Sony

    Despite a late flurry of votes for the shameful Gamespot Jeff Gerstmann corruption, Sony still managed to stay comfortably ahead with yet another year packed full of lies, back-pedalling, and shameless bullshitting about the PS3.

    Despite years of heckling as press release after never ending press release packed full of lies are issued to the games industry, Sony has still somehow failed to turn the PS3 around into something that isn’t entirely shit.

    Read UK:R for some hardcore Sony-baiting, as Cutlack has more time on his hands than we do. We’ll just conclude the mighty RAM Raider Awards 2007 with this video which, despite starting out fairly amusingly, turns into sheer hilarity when Phil Harrison quotes are layered into the soundtrack:

    Congratulations, Sony – The RAM Raider salutes you.


    1. Worthy, worthy winner. Thank you Sony, for giving UK:R so much material if nothing else.

    2. Anonymous1:24 pm

      Updates like this won't help you convince the world you're not Gary Cutlack having an "off day".