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    Monday, September 29, 2008

    More On The PC Zone Walkout

    Original story

    Considering how long we’ve sat on this story, we’ve been surprised at how few people actually knew about it. So, here are some more details for you.

    First of all, if your life’s ambition is to edit an ailing mag that’s being ground down to sawdust, you’re in luck as Future hasn’t found a replacement for Porter. Considering he’s leaving on October 17th, this could potentially be quite awkward for them. Well, we say awkward, but we really mean lucrative, as considering key staffers aren’t being replaced (including Ed Zitron due to centralisation), it’s not a huge stretch to envisage the mag being swallowed whole by the Future corporate whore machine.

    The one and only new guy brought in to replace the four writers that have left is a chap called David Brown who’ll be getting whipped for peanuts alongside the only remaining writer, Steve Hogarty. Curiously, Hogarty doesn’t seem particularly upset about the walkout.

    In summary, Zitron, Sefton and the Art Editor have gone, and Porter and Blyth depart October 17th. They’re having a party. Wouldn’t you?

    By the way, while you’re reading this story on
    certain other sites, you’ll have to add the “Source: RAM Raider” part yourself, as not all of them can be arsed to include it.


    1. Anonymous1:22 pm

      A very un-upset Hogarty has put forward his view of events on the PC Zone forums:

      Is there further word on what has been really going on at PCZ Towers?

      Is Hogarty's post merely a symptom of his recent promotion, and a precious example of him towing the corporate line and trying to put a positive spin on recent events?

      Will PC Zone be able to hold onto the last shred of it's rapidly diminishing identity after the loss of so many staffers in such a short period?

      Who is this masked RAM Raider? A paragon of virtue and truth striking from within the dark fortress of Future Publishing, or merely a crazed vigilante with an agenda?

      The drama literally has me glued to my monitor.

    2. Anonymous5:18 pm

      It's a great shame that PC Zone has suffered this long, slow and undignified decline.

      RAM Raider seems to talk about the mag an awful lot, I've often thought. Hmm.

    3. Anonymous10:09 pm

      i'd noticed a shift in style in the hardware section a couple of issues ago, including the fact the wrong photo accompanied each piece. wand is a plain talking curmudgeon whose understanding of hardware is matched only by his inexplicable hatred of it, yet the back of the mag read like he'd copied it all from the guardian. if the earlier post here is true, and i fucking suspected as much, the decision to share copy was no doubt made because the average gamer reader doesn't want to read a grumpy 40 year old telling them they have a shit PC and to download a spectrum emulator for higher frame rates. bland and unfunny shit is what da yoof want.

      zone we will miss you :`(