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    Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    Ridiculous Statements Masquerading As Games Journalism: The Daily Mail

    In case you’re still pondering what to nominate for the RR Award for the Most Ridiculous Statement Masquerading As Games Journalism (as if), here’s another couple of entries to add to the list:

    “If you were to imagine playing a Sims character within a fantasy adventure full of side missions and surprises you would be heading in the right direction.”

    The Daily Mail’s James O’Brien reinvents the action-RPG genre in his review of Fable 2. A game which, frankly, is second only to Braid in terms of attracting reviews consisting of two thousand words of waffling bollocks that abjectly fails to tell the reader about the game in anything approaching an entertaining or informative way. COUGH*EUROGAMER*COUGH*EDGE*COUGH

    “Bikes, when you think about it, should lend themselves to video games more readily than cars – they are smaller and accelerate faster.”

    The Daily Mail’s James O’Brien barely manages to stop short of adding “and they go brrrroooom” to his review of MotoGP 08.


    We’ll be announcing the first RR Award winners soon. The voting will stay open for all categories until they’re individually announced, but we’re going to leave the Most Overrated Pile Of Shite Award until last so you have chance to vote for November’s releases. Like, say, Mirror’s Edge.


    1. Anonymous10:44 am

      Jesus Christ...

      Well, you write for your audience, I suppose.

    2. Anonymous3:10 pm

      Hah. I was playing Dead Space last night. Imagine you're a humanoid crab in bronze armour, a bit like a knight of the round table, only without a lance, but a cutting tool instead, thrust into the innards of a giant goat, that's more like a spaceship, along with some giant spiny humanoid rabbit-spiders to contend with and you'll be heading in the right direction.


    3. dan de la peche8:55 pm

      I'm quite frankly surprised that the Daily Mail reviewed a game where the main character at one point lives in a gypsy caravan!

      "Imagine a game where a filthy gypsy can commit murder and sleep with prostitutes - then run from the police; you'd be heading in the right direction"

    4. Anonymous1:03 am

      For a Daily Mail audience they're not that far off. The social poses and the constant and infuriating yokel jabbering are a bit Simsy, which is part of the reason I'm finding the game pretty tedious. The rest is based on smashing marbles out of creatures and remembering why Terry Pratchett is so annoying. Any steam you had seems to be pumping up your ass if this is the best you can do.