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    Saturday, August 01, 2009

    Why Publishers Love Exclusive “Reviews”

    This ad is running on the back of issue 86 of GamesTM, out next week. It went to print before the issue of GamesMaster we featured last week was sent out to its readership, meaning that Eidos was privy to the score and text of GM’s “exclusive” before it was published. This, by the way, is very common, as it allows publishers to place borderline hysterical quotes like “Batman is a masterpiece” onto their advertising whilst simultaneously plugging the magazine the quote is plucked from.

    For the record, the latest issue of GamesTM doesn’t feature Arkham Asylum on the cover, nor a review, as they didn’t arrange to be excused from the general embargo.


    1. Anonymous7:01 pm

      You really are scraping the bottom of the barrel now, aren't you?

    2. Anonymous9:25 pm

      Eidos had access to it cos they wrote it.

    3. Anonymous3:23 pm

      I like you, but you really don't have a clue Rammy.

    4. Anonymous10:05 pm

      How desperate are you becoming, man?

    5. I have it on good authority that 'anonymous' is either A) Part of Eidos' marketing department. Or B) A Fartknocker.....probably both. Hah! Take that, society!

    6. Whoops! Posted four times without signing in properly.

    7. Anonymous10:26 am

      You covered this sort of usual practice before. It was explained as being nothing terrible then, and it still is now.

      Why bother coming back if you're coming back sillier?

      You Wally.

    8. Anonymous5:00 pm

      Future really are scraping the bottom of the barrel now, aren't they.

      I don't blame Eidos, I don't blame their PR. It's their job to sell this shit. It's the shitrags shill publications that deserve the hate.

    9. Anonymous1:30 pm

      Yes, the should have listened to Ram Raider and given a game plenty of people are loving a 7 or an 8 because otherwise there's a conspiracy of corruption. Or, perhaps, there's finally a decent Batman game on the way that may well not tick all of Ram Raiders arrogant boxes (what could, and it doesn't seem like he's played it) but has impressed those who aren't so bitter and twisted as he is. Getting a quote on an advert isn't witchcraft and in suggesting so it seems that Mr Raider doesn't know as much about magazine production as he constantly brays. Sony made up quotes for movies, now that is scandalous - and was so. Telling a PR that their game has done well so they can sort out quotes for ads and boxes is just what happens, it's how quotes get on adverts, but Ram obviously thinks PRs are just there to send him assets for his bullshit features.

    10. Anonymous10:33 am

      What he (above) said. The ad is totally normal and there's nothing conspiratorial about it Rammy. You. Are. Scraping. The. Bottom. Of. The. Barrel....