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    Monday, November 02, 2009

    EA Offer To Remove Dragon Age Embargo If 9/10 Awarded

    For this story, you can pretty much remove “Eidos” and “Arkham Asylum” from our last few posts and replace them with “EA” and “Dragon Age: Origins”.

    Reviews for Dragon Age: Origins are under embargo until 5th November. But, in what’s becoming an increasingly common deal, EA have offered to remove the embargo for anyone who’s willing to guarantee them a score of at least 90% (or 9/10, if you’re that way inclined).

    We’ve learned from O Boulon, a staff writer from French PC games mag Canard PC, that his mag withheld their review on the grounds of “honesty” and “good conscience”. You can work out what that means for mags that don’t seem to have a problem taking EA up on this deal, mentioning no names…

    And before we get swamped in the Dragon Age fanboys’ semen – we know it’s a decent game, and we’re not disputing whether or not it’s worth a 9. We’re disputing that these kinds of deals should happen in the first place.

    EDIT: From Anonymous Knight: “As far as I know, the deal was print only. Online had a different embargo - earlier. I’ve got a mate on [removed European PC mag] who was offered it, but I don’t know about the consoles / officials. Sounds like an over eager EA rep trying to impress his bosses.”

    Agreed, but it still shouldn’t happen. We asked PC Gamer editor Tim Edwards about the deal, and he refused to comment.


    1. This kind of thing sickens me... don't listen to the angry Batman-fan mob Rammy, it doesn't matter if the game is good these kind of things shouldn't happen. It gives readers a distorted view and encourages publications to be non-objective.

      EA shouldn't have to do this anyway - I'm going to be controversial and say Dragon Age was my game of the Eurogamer Expo last week. Very promising and can't wait to get a copy when it's released.

    2. martTM2:45 pm

      "It doesn't matter if the game is good, these kind of things shouldn't happen."

      True. But even more true - surely if it's a good game, there's no need for this to happen?

    3. This is so confusing! We use a lettering system for our mag does this mean we can break embargo if we give it a W, X, Y or Z/Z? Or do we have to completely change the way we slap and arbitary figure at the end of a review? Because that would mean we'd have to rewrite our policy and that has to be agreed by committee. When is it out?

    4. Anonymous12:24 am

      This displays a complete lack of confidence in Dgragon Age. I was going to pick this game up, but instead I'll wait for the BF sale. Good Luck EA.

    5. Anonymous12:50 am

      Ign AU gave Dragon Age an 8.4, Post Fail.

    6. Ign AU scored Dragon Age 8.4. You my friend, are a sensationalist rable rouser.

    7. And Eurogamer gave it 8.

    8. Anonymous1:08 am

      IGN AU just gave Dragon Age an 8.4, and EuroGamer gave it an 8. This happened all before the 5th.

      You fail, Ram.

    9. Anonymous9:23 am

      Have a look to the french website.
      The deal wasn't about a 9 out of 10 but about an "une excellente note"...

    10. Anonymous11:19 am

      I'm liking it more than Mass Effect (91: Metacritic, 360), but well done on stirring the same old stick through some tired old shit. Tell is about a shoddy game that's got such an embargo and maybe you'll have something worthy of your scorn.
      "This displays a complete lack of confidence in Dgragon Age." No, it shows a complete lack of confidence in reviewers. Understandable, when there are cunts like RR out there looking for any excuse to sharpen their knives. Heaven forbid EA should believe they have a great game on there hands.

    11. Anonymous12:54 pm

      Well the only embargo my mag saw was that we're not meant to mention certain plot aspects. There's just a list of things not to mention. Fair enough, reviews that ruin plots are annoying.

    12. Anonymous1:27 am

      Ugh so lame. Dragon Age is good enough that it doesn't need any shenanigans.

    13. Good enough for Edge to give it 5/10? I'm quite shocked by that!

      "martTM said...

      "It doesn't matter if the game is good, these kind of things shouldn't happen."

      True. But even more true - surely if it's a good game, there's no need for this to happen?"

      Yea but every PR officer wants good PR for their game. Whether it's good or not.

    14. Anonymous1:13 pm

      Well the 360 version got 6/10 on Eurogamer so Oli Welsh sure needs a good fistful of shenanigans.